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  1. I just saw your post today Vicki and wanted to share with you that I also have a Heritage with the serial number starting with the letter "A"...mine is a 1984 model H-140 with signatures of all the owners on the tag on the back....it is dated 3/15/84..... I spoke with Heritage with respect to the "A", since the website drop down list starts with "B".... they told me that prior to incorporating on April 1, 1985 they used the letter "A" on the serial number and they signed all the guitars, however, after they incorporated, they began using the letter "B" to indicate the year made and o
  2. Hello everyone,,,,,my name is (no, not really) vinylman and unlike most of the others I've seen here i only have 'one' Heritage and exactely 'what model' it is is the reason i came here in the first place. I bought the guitar from an instructor a few years back and didn't realize the 'heritage' of these guitars. He told me of the Kalamazoo plant but I didn't pay any attention beyond that. So,,,,hello and hoping to make some new friends here.
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