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A fun time was had by us




This time we were lucky enough to have Aaron playing with us - he drove up, basically from Huntington WV. He arrived just in time to help us set up on the KIA stage. We had hoped to play a couple songs at the soundcheck to dial in the sound and get reacquainted, but no dice. The powers that be rushed down the stairs when we started to play and said we had to stop playing because they were able to hear us while they were talking on the phone. Oh well, so much for that - we just decided that we'd just have a quick beer to calm the nerves and hit the stage when it was time to start. We were pretty loose and casual for sure, but at least we enjoyed actually getting together and playing for the first time, really in about ten years. Our arrangements changed on the fly and we tried not to get in each other's way... and the room is difficult acoustically.


Here's a video of Devil Ray one of Dan's originals from quite a while back. I just played harp, giving Aaron free rein to improvise on guitar.




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Nice, Doug! Really like the groove, playing, and singing on Devil Ray. Making my way thru the rest as I type this. Just saw this on blogs today - don't usually look over on this side of the monitor, at this section.


Awesome sound from your band - looks like a fun gig.

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