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  1. Thanks Bolero! I'm getting hungry thinking about what you might cook up in those new cazuela dishes.
  2. I appreciate the that you took the trouble to emoji in Español. (Or is that Portuguese?). Muchas gracias Señor Gitfiddler!
  3. I had hoped Sergio Mendez would pick up the tune and do it right. Life presents difficult choices, and in that mode I present the original studio version of the tune, absent my dazzling visual presence but with a living, breathing percussionist, recorded a life time ago it seems.
  4. I would think even with a bag over your head (no comment implied) you could tell that the Collings has the strap button in the wrong place.
  5. Yes, a Millie will give you lots of options to choose from (f hole or no, single or double cut.) I've never played one but I hear they are wonderful.
  6. Hi Ed, So, I grew up in the Chicago area (Villa Park and Lombard); left in 1969. What model of Heritage are you looking to get?
  7. Waiting is tough, lots of us have been there. But it's always great to get a new guitar! When it comes everyone here will want to see it of course.
  8. Hi Mike, I'm in Chandler as well. Welcome to the asylum!
  9. Thanks guys - I feel welcome and I'm hoping I can maybe chime in to some of the conversations going on here.
  10. OK, I'm in. I have a Sweet 16 that was my main gig instrument for several years. (Not so much work these days.) I've tried several ways to post the photo but haven't cracked the code yet. Also I just ordered an H 535 with a trapeze tailpiece. I'd love to hear comments on that.
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