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  1. I would think that would depend on a lot on the plane and what size bins they have, as well as their airline and their policy for letting you being such a large case on board. Many airlines recognize the delicate nature of instruments and the desire to avoid checking them. Some airlines will let you try to fit it in the overhead bin, and if it fits and the plane is not too full, they’re happy to let you do that. If the plane is full, they’re less likely to let you try it. Some airlines let you purchase an additional seat and strap it into the seat.
  2. The short answer is yes: raising the pickup closer to the strings generally makes it sound more full (more midrange, more low end). Also, louder, so be careful about the balance with the other pickup if you use the middle switch position. Driving the pickup height down generally makes it sound thinner and lowers the output. Take a measurement of where the pickups are now before you begin, and/or write down the number of turns of the adjustment screws that you make. That way it’s easy to put it back where it was. Highly recommended to play around with pickup height. It can make subtle or sometimes significant differences. Great fun!
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