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  1. I haven’t tried that in a Prospect, but I have tried lower output pickups in a 535 and I really liked the results. Lowering the Seth Lovers further away from the strings by just a few millimeters can make your current pickups lower output. If you haven’t tried that, you might want to consider that first.
  2. And the pickup mount is not loose at all? I was thinking that the delay could a mechanical / pickup mounting issue.
  3. I’ve never owned or played that guitar, so I can’t comment on the sound issue. I will say though that when I plug an instrument directly into an interface, it often doesn’t sound very good. And the millisecond delay issue sounds like it could be potentially be a sampling/latency issue with your interface, and nothing to do with your guitar. Or perhaps the pickup mounting is loose or not well-damped to the guitar body? Do other guitars you plug in to the same interface do the same thing? Regarding a replacement pickup, I suggest to call the factory in Kalamazoo: (269) 385-5721.
  4. Agree the others are certainly more “pointy”; I just find the G&L “point” on the otherwise rounded shape out-of-place and not especially pleasing. For the record though, I don’t hesitate to buy and enjoy G&L, Heritage, PRS, etc, despite the head stocks that I find less attractive. I buy guitars primarily based on the tone I can get, the neck shape, good playability, etc. Headstock shapes are (generally) not a deal-breaker for me. Curious though: I have (recently) noticed some G&L guitars with a non-pointed headstock. Looks better, IMO. Are these a special model?
  5. I have similar feelings about pointy guitars. I had a Made in USA G&L ASAT and it was excellent, but it was exactly this point that I found to be odd, aesthetically.
  6. All those headstocks leave a little to be desired aesthetically, but none of them are deal-breakers. FWIW, I think G&L has probably the ugliest shape of all. I always questioned why the word “The” was included on the traditional headstock. That always seemed weird and kinda stupid to me. Was there an agreement with Gibbons that they had to use “The Heritage” in the logo?
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