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  1. 52 minutes ago, High Flying Bird said:

    Excellent.  I saved this and sent it to my other computers.   Thank you.  Some of those old Heritage guitars with the janky stamped numbers stamped on them are some of the best instruments to ever come out of 225 Parsons. 

    Thank You Monica!  Totally agree Ron.

  2. 2 hours ago, ElNumero said:

    Paul, the Guitar Czar had a brand new one, for $2399, still a great deal when you consider $3199 retail, but he would not budge any further on the price or shipping so I let that one go. The one I bought was $550 less, a 2019, but it is brand new in every sense, NOS. The seller was Judy's Gear Depot. Real nice honest gal. I am super happy with the deal. She gave me free shipping too, which was not in her original listing. 

    That is a Great Deal. Cost or below. 

    Guitar Czar sold theirs too. I thought it might be You.  

  3. On 3/26/2022 at 9:04 PM, Standbyoperator said:

    Hello everyone, I’ve been reading and unregistered for awhile, but here I am. Love all the knowledge, wisdom, history and everything else this wonderful place has to offer.

    Here is my only Heritage for now. I was a strat player for a very long time, always changing/selling/experimenting with different guitars but mostly in the Fender or fender style world. For a wedding gift my wife bought me this beauty and it has been my go to guitar for everything. It is the most versatile guitar I have ever owned. One day I want a H575 or eagle classic, a sweet jazz guitar… but until that day comes all I ever record with is the 535. It’s the perfect guitar. 

    I’m very excited to delve into all the threads of music theory and explore all the other awesome topics here. Thank you for creating this forum! 



    Welcome aboard!  Your wife is a Keeper for sure. Congratulations on both "acquisitions".

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