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  1. they do outsource,they buy from all parts...easy fix 35 bucks.
  2. i recently removed the tunomatic and installed a benedeto ebony bridge...much better sound..took the metallic ring out of it..
  3. Sweet guitar..still playing with diffent string sets before I decide what to settle in to.
  4. Still for sale?

  5. I have a 59 335 black beauty,a 69 es330, the 555 is a superior instrument, I bought mine used and put a lot of time and money in it,but that's another story,bottom line is,set up right,in a real players hands it can do anything...
  6. Its a 2001 with a 12 pole floater,looks like a Kent Armstrong handmade,or a bartolini, which would have been made by Kent anyway. Volume and tone stacked in one place.
  7. Thanks for the info ,all of you..I just bought another JS
  8. Yes ,the pickup is hrw.it is perfect in this box..I have ,'before' pictures but I have to reduce them because the forum can't handle the data..I will Get around to it ...This is the guitar that sold on reverb two years ago for $5500.,someone screwed the delivery and it was damaged,I bought it from reverb themselves as they had to make good on it..I assume ups scewed the insured as they always do..Anyway,I for one have built many guitars,and have gotten to blind to do what I use to do(but I can hear better ,haha)so I called upon Tracy Longo in Ventura California..He took it in...And made it perfect...I am not here seeking approval,I am a pro,just sharing my good fortune..And to separate the wonder of it all for you,let me just say that it is my good fortune to own 8 or 9 heritage archtops...The Johnny Smith,blows them all away...Period et al....Fine'.
  9. Just had this restored..it was badly damaged in shipping..Tracy Longo brought it back to life for me...
  10. ok, my name is mike, i started playing guitar in around 72',in my early teens i was listening to jazz, solo and quartet stuff,..i spent a lot of years doing the full tilt boogie groove,a few years in oakland playing soul and blues and had a full tilt trio for a while known as the "point zero one band" recording that scene would have been like capturing lightning in a bottle..any how, i write or rather have written allot, now, i'm in the old bull stage,at 56 years old, i'm still an ass kicker, but i've slowed down and am diggin my jazz roots again, i knew billy bauer and jimmie raney,also howie collins,they all gave me good advice on style,and i've had great experiences with blues and soul musicians too..having the northern irish blood gives me a different take on things,and i dig that..i can rip a nation resonator to shreds, and bleed a 335 to death,i been breathin this thing for over four decades,i'm self taught, and i study things the way i see them..i'm always feeling it..i don't have any bullshit aspirations...i simply am and will remain an expressionist..i work with what i have..i been shining on my 575 lately and it looks like that's where i'll be for a good while..glad you're all here,,it sure is nice to have common denominators. mike ps "if it sounds good, then it is good"
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