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  1. The H150 DeLuxe relocated to a good home in Victoria. I just wasn't playing it enough. My H535, on the other hand, gets played a lot.
  2. Hi Just joined the forum - obviously I own a 2004 H535 tobacco sunburst and a 2006 H150 Deluxe Old Style Sunburst. I bought them both new (new old stock), in 2006 and 2010 respectively. I play them at home through a Matchless Lightning Reverb and a number of analog effect pedals. I also own an Ernie Ball Silhouette Special 2006 anniversary edition, SSH, for different sounds, and a couple of accoustic guitars. I'm a very ordinary player and have never gigged. I do play with mates every now and then, mostly bluesy and traditional ballady rock stuff. I've started jazz lessons to open my horizons and really enjoy it. Cheerio.
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