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  1. My friend did take photos during the procedure, but I'm afraid they won't be very useful as they don't show the harnesses and oem wiring.
  2. This is what a proper transplant job with humbucker-size P90s looks like, on a H535. Beautifully done by a very skillfull friend only two weeks ago. And the tones are to die for! https://www.brierleyguitarpickups.com.au/p90.htm
  3. That's it, the deed has been done. Two B90s custom-wound by Mick Brierley in Adelaide, South Australia, have now replaced the HRW humbuckers on my H535. https://www.brierleyguitarpickups.com.au/p90.htm Not only do they look like they belong, but first impressions after a couple of hours experimenting with tone, volume, pickup combos and two different amps are very positive. Brighter tones, better definition and depth, more character than I was getting with the humbuckers - not just to my ear but to my bass player friend as well. Sounding closer to, yet different from my Lollar P90 mounted H530. Early days but very excited with the new lease of life this has given my H535 and the many possibilities waiting to be explored.
  4. Thank you for the review and suggestions, Kuz.
  5. Very neat! Thanks for the tips.
  6. I'll play too. Those two babies have been on here before, 2004 H535 and 2018 H530
  7. Kuz, Those look like the same Lollars as on my H530. What’s the tone like on the 535? That said, if I were to replace the buckers, it would have to be with bucker size P90s, not dogears.
  8. How about tone? Anyone with specific P90 experience on a H535, other than SD Phat Cats?
  9. Thank you all for the advice... and warnings. Food for thought
  10. So it’s not just a matter of disconnecting the old ones then connecting and dropping in the new ones?
  11. Did you do it yourself and how easy was it?
  12. Has anyone here got experience in replacing humbuckers with P90s on a H535? I am so very impressed with my H530 and its dogear Lollars that I am considering mounting P90s on my H535. They clearly would have to be humbucker size, maybe lollars or fralin. Not sure how easy the replacement, fitting and finetuning procedure may be... All advice welcome.
  13. Very happy with my SS DV Mark Jazz, then again I do love my Matchless Lightning... Horses for course.
  14. On both my 535 and my 530, D’Addario Chrome Flatwounds 11-50 - ECG24 Jazz Light Gauge.
  15. Two weeks ago I scored a new old stock DV Mark Jazz 212. I'm usually partial to valve amps but I thought I'd experiment with this solid state unit. The main reason I got it, other than the reasonable price, is it's much lighter to carry around than my much loved Matchless Lightning Reverb 112. Anyway, after some time fiddling with the amp settings and my various pedals, I found a good and simple combination for a variety of sounds, from clean jazz to gritty blues to overdriven rock. I just use my (valve) Tonebone Radial Trimode in front of the DV, which gives me three channels - one is the true bypass the other two are overdriven and equalised to different extents. Amp settings : reverb at 2 o'clock, Bass at 2, Mid at 4 and High at 5. Works a treat with my H530 on all pickup combos. I've now got to find the right settings for my other guitars.. work for another day.
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