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  1. I know when playing those amps, I hear some magic coming from them. I hear songs and tones of some of my favorite guitarists that play, "blowing and going". No pedals, no effects. Just a cranked amp that give the warm open sound, that sounds so full and rich. Its hard to explain, but once you play it, you cannot unplay it. It unleashes a sound like no other. Every amp you play after playing one of these, you'll try to compare but you can't. I myself am looking forward to trying this new model. While Marshall amps are my favorite sound of an amp, my favorite "blues" amp has been a Bassman. Knowing this amp taps into that realm, I'm stoked to hear it.
  2. Hmm, I was at Huber Breese on Saturday. They had a vintage Concert combo, 60's Deluxe Reverb, Champ, and a 70's Bandmaster head/cabinet. Some tasty Fender tube goodness....
  3. Earlier this year, I bought a used Marshall DSL20C from a cool music studio near me. The amp was okay, sounded better when run through other cabinets with better speakers. So a trip to @Steiner Ranch, I was able to try Celestion Greenback and Creamback loaded cabinets. The amp sounded so much better, so I left there with a couple Scumback speakers to try. M75 (think vintage greenback, 35oz magnet, 75hz.) and H75 (again, vintage greenback, closer to a creamback, 50oz magnet, 75hz). I was sold on a speaker upgrade. Have to return the Scumback speakers and bought myself a Celestion Creamback Neo ( Neodymium magnet, 75hz). I was drawn to this option over a normal Creamback because it was 1/2 the weight. For combo amps, even smaller ones, any way to reduce the weight is welcomed. Played it last night for a couple hours, I really love the sound of the amp. Even the Ultragain channel, which I almost never used previously sounded really good (up the volume, down the gain). Sounds killer.
  4. The top is beautiful, but what about the backside? If memory serves, she's got quite the backside too...
  5. Went looking for a particular pickup today and clicked on a link and saw this background photo… Last couple of times I visited Joe’s Music in Eastpointe they had one maybe two Heritages way up high and out of reach…
  6. That was a unique model to Heritage and could have been a signature model if appropriately marketed. Of course, while in production, it never was. Such a shame!
  7. Sure is pretty combination you have there. Turned up just right, the tone is probably sublime! Wish you were still around here!
  8. Yes, show us the Class of 59 H150 with it's magnificent Korina body and neck matched with a beautiful curly maple top!
  9. I'd love to try the Tweed tone. My favorite amp tone has always been a Bassman....
  10. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of playing a pair of them. Spectacular sounds.
  11. I think KPB810 has the best idea, baking soda does a better job of absorbing order, not just covering it up. I have a couple of cases that are rather old and even leaving them open for over a year didn't get rid of the smell; tried Febreeze and dryer sheets. Still didn't work..
  12. Yup, we are dreaming. Heritage has talked about a museum. It would be cool to see a represented model on display from all the years. Longer they wait, the harder it will be to find good, clean examples.
  13. If they go out of business, I'm suspecting someone like JHS will create a clone OCD that will incorporate the different versions, sort of what they did with the Pack Rat.
  14. Think I only had a single Fulltone over the years, Full Drive 2 Mosfet; back when they were at their height of popularity, they were not affordable for me. Which may be what lead to their demise. So hard to complete with the clones coming from China (like Joyo, Donnor, and even Amazon), its any wonder how any company can complete with their offerings. Their Octafuzz, Supra-Trem, Deja-Vibe, and Clyde Deluxe were some of the best offerings at one point of time if I recall. Anyone worth their salt in the professional world used the OCD it seemed. The Pilmsoul was a favorite of a few guitar teachers I followed on YouTube. That being said, its said to see them go away they were an really industry staple for a long, long time. Perhaps the first big "boutique" pedal builder there was.
  15. Hometown Hero and Heritage (former?) artist, Franky Ballard playing his orange 357!
  16. Basically a single-cut prospect? Sort of like the Roy Clarke was a single-cut 535 right?
  17. Me either. But I'm thinking more like a Supreme than a LPC.
  18. With the Custom Core, they wouldn’t need the Millie. If they are sticking to the core model philosophy, then more traditional models should be used. Say the 157 with all the bling. Make it flame maple top and back.
  19. Hopefully they will. The bespoke program is there, but I have no idea how anyone can use it. We've seen some fabulous custom pieces over the past years, but I don't know what the secret sauce is to get an order in. I saw this one last year when I picked up my H137. It's now on Reverb for $4600.
  20. The 1st Gen with a unbound dot neck? I remember playing an '86 KBP810 used to have... (BTW, should that screen name be changed to KBP989?)
  21. I think about 2 or 3 years ago, all those templates were sold off in Reverb..
  22. After reading Brent's Old-School Heritage simplicity thread about his single pickup VIP-1 and the H147 thread, has me thinking about discontinued models. If I was to choose a Heritage to reissue, what would it be? The 357 is an obvious choice. But there were so many cool guitars. H101, H110, H120, H125, H127, H140, H147, H150P, HFT-445, HFT-480, H204DD, VIP, Parsons Street, STAT... I could keep the list going with hollow and semi-hollow body guitars. But if I was to reissue a single model, I'd say it have to be the guitar that started them all. The H140. Thinner body and upper bout, sharp cutaway, unbound dot-inlaid rosewood fretboard, bound flame maple capped mahogany body. That was a unique model that was different from the traditional solid body guitar 225 Parsons used to make before Heritage was around. Seemed like improvements for fretting access to the upper frets with a thin body and sharp cutaway. A thinner body that kept the sustain but dropped the weight to ease aching shoulders. A no thrills fretboard that makes for a players guitar when the frets wear down for easy fret replacement. The Schaller bridge and tailpiece with allowed for more fine adjustments to string spacing and closer to the body strings for increased sustain . These are all subjective thoughts of course.. Obviously the guitar will not come back since the templates are long gone. These days reissues take on different liberties on what qualifies as a "reissue". Heritage couldn't bring back an exact model of the H140 as the tooling is long gone. Closest thing would just to make a H150 with a thin body and a H137 neck. Still, the H140 may not be the flagship of Heritage, but it's at the core of what started the company almost 40 years ago... What's your choice and why?
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