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  1. So did they ever get back in touch with you? They haven't made a social media post in over 2 weeks so maybe the whole spring break thing wasn't a joke after all.
  2. Wow, congrats! Even if you'd paid the sellers original asking price of $1,999 it would have been great deal! It's NGD's like this that will keep me from ever buying a new Heritage.... There's just too many awesome guitars out there that are hundreds less then a new one, not to mention that most of them aren't even offered anymore!
  3. @Bobmeyrick -Thanks for bringing up Frank!! His brilliant use of effects is nearly as impressive as his playing was! A true genius. Here's some more Zappa (with wah) simply because.
  4. Congrats on a great looking guitar! According to this article, you definitely have yourself a Pre Plaza Corp build: https://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/2016/04/heritage_guitar_announces_new.html
  5. Please disregard everything I offered to this thread. Sorry for the confusion. After further review I've realized that I had a B-30 (no holes drilled, no tension bar) You should be good with the B7!
  6. Yes. Here's the one I had on my H530: http://www.bigsby.com/vibe/products/vibratos/bigsby-b7/
  7. You might want to rethink going with the B7, I had one installed on my H530 for a few months and couldn't stop knocking the low E out of the saddle anytime that I really dug in. I thought about trying a B12 but wound up selling the guitar anyhow which I've frequently regretted doing since. The tone of these 530s is something special! Either way, congrats on a real looker!
  8. Hey bro even college aged "master builders" need a to blow off some stream every once in awhile. I've heard the old guard was so lazy that wouldn't even show up on Fridays. To work or to collect a check.
  9. Somebody find this a guy a H-120.....or an SG.
  10. Lots of good sense here and I can absolutely see where you're coming from! Thanks for the insightful comment Yoslate, it's easy to see why some call you the professor. Truth be told, I was kind of hoping that you'd have rounded things out here with headstock jab....... only because I didn't get why folks were bringing it up and now it's become funny to me.
  11. How did the newly improved fit and finish look? Were they the same price as they are on the Heritage "buy it now"? Most importantly, how did they play and sound compared to any of the many other Heritage guitars you've owned?
  12. I wouldn't dare debate the mojo or lack thereof around here these days. The sunshine brigade (all 10 of them) has grown to powerful.
  13. Alrighty then, I guess the Heritage Buzz is alive and well. Carry on
  14. Cool, I guess we can just delete the thread then.
  15. I'm not trying to dispute the quality of the guitars or compare them to other brands. I'm simply curious as to why they don't seem to want to talk about any of the recent improvements that have been made to the build process, it just seems to me like it would be a smart thing to do towards clearing the air with anyone who's previously had a not-so-great impression of Heritage guitars.
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