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  1. My bad, I forget about this beauty! This build is a perfect example of something that should have showcased on they're website or social media content.
  2. In years past, it seemed that quite a few folks around here were actual friends with the people who worked at Heritage. What exactly are those people saying these days? Are they truly happy with how things are going or are they just happy to be working? What are the fan favorites like Pete Farmer and Ren Wall ACTUALLY saying when they're out of the shop? I mean sure I've seen the latest magazine reviews and can see the value in the having the expanded distribution options with Musicians Friend and Guitar Center, That's all seemingly great stuff but is it working to them sell anymore guitars? Why on earth have we heard NOTHING out of the actual company in regards to whats going on? It just makes no sense whatsoever. Sure the reviews are suddenly great but they could have paid for those reviews for all we know, are people actually buying these "newly improved" guitars? I don't think they are considering that I've yet to see a single "New Heritage Guitar Day" around here or anywhere else in what 2 years??? I gotta wonder if they're radio silence for the last 2 months is more involved than just a marketing guy deciding to quit.
  3. $4100 for a H535???? That kind of mark up for a not so "custom" finish is just absurd. I'd highly suggest doing what 95% of the current Heritage owners around here have done and find what your looking for used. You'll likely pay half of what they're asking for a guitar these days and will also find yourself with an vast amount of choices in model, finish and upgrades. https://reverb.com/brand/heritage Good choice on a Heritage though....they are great guitars!
  4. This Demo sounds GREAT with headphones! Is the double layered pickgaurd that's on H535 come standard now? It looks really nice! I know I keep kicking the dead horse here but when is somebody from that company going to acknowledge some of these types of questions? It's just crazy to me that they seem utterly disinterested in improving they're public image with any kind of acknowledgement of these SIGNIFICANT updates to the product line.
  5. I see. It was the mix of eager eyes and an apparently effortless reach around technique that drew the red flags for me.
  6. I teach a self defense course that instructs folks how to ward off guitar stands like this, I believe the one pictured above is the North American rest stop assailant edition.
  7. You more of a 150 Cardi B - 137 Nicki Minaj guy?
  8. Wow. That's an absolutely Perfect looking burst!!! Congrats on adding those Throbaks as well, I'd sure like to hear a clip of that marriage.
  9. That's too bad because you seem to be a million times more knowledgeable about Heritage Guitars than anyone who's currently speaking for Heritage Guitars. I mean if they found the money to fix that place up like they have, shouldn't they be able to spend some coin on marketing as well? I was under the impression that the whole reason that Bandlab Technologies got involved was to start handling the distribution and marketing duties. Those couple magazine articles and getting themselves added to the MF and GC websites was a great start but you can't just simply abandon your entire online presence because one local marketing guy quits. That's just ridiculous.
  10. Great post! I think you ought to throw your hat in the ring for that newly abandoned marketing position! I agree with alot of what you've commented on here, especially the point on Reverend. I feel like they would be an excellent company for Heritage to emulate in terms of a marketing presence considering that Reverend is truly "killing it" these days. Thanks again for the post, I like to believe that if the folks at the Heritage mothership see enough of these types of suggestions they'll finally wake up and properly market themselves.
  11. Buzz Update!!! Heritage has not made a single social media post in the last 20 days. Boy o' boy, them marketing folks sure are "killing it"!!!
  12. So did they ever get back in touch with you? They haven't made a social media post in over 2 weeks so maybe the whole spring break thing wasn't a joke after all.
  13. Wow, congrats! Even if you'd paid the sellers original asking price of $1,999 it would have been great deal! It's NGD's like this that will keep me from ever buying a new Heritage.... There's just too many awesome guitars out there that are hundreds less then a new one, not to mention that most of them aren't even offered anymore!
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