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  1. I found this on Bay recently. Can anyone shed some light on this model? https://www.ebay.com/itm/333470274843?ul_noapp=true It looks a lot like a Prospect to me.
  2. They have a great return policy. If you're not happy and they don't correct the problem to your satisfaction take it back. There are countless great guitars out there.
  3. If you check out his website http://www.broncobob.net he has a large number of very unusual guitars that are all for sale.
  4. Just picked up a 25th Anniversary 535. HRW pickups and D-VIP system. Anyone have any idea where a rookie find an explanation/tutorial on the D-VIP?
  5. I actual found a collector in my area that has a large inventory of these pieces. Some with and some without the radios. I bought the box without the guts.
  6. Just completed my latest retirement project. Refinished a Philco radio cabinet from 1940s and inserted a Ceritone Mini 20 amplifier. Sounds great and best of all my spouse likes having it in our living room because of its appearance!
  7. Looking for some comments about what strings people are putting on their 525s? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I assumed it was something based on an ancient musical societies secret initiation ceremony. I wasn't far off.
  9. I've been a member since March. I have 0 warning points and my community reputation is neutral. I have 3 points. Wow and a bag of chips. What does it all mean and who created this rating system? What does it mean to have "skewed priorities" and what does "needs to get out more" actually mean? Is there a glossary somewhere in this site that defines all this rigamarole of do we newcomers just guess?
  10. Looking at a used mid 1990s H555 in mint condition that I found online. Owner asking $1500.00 firm which seems like a fair price? Only problem is the guitar is a bright green color which I've never seen before and which is definitely not in my design wheelhouse. Aside from the color it appears mint. Would an unusual color make it harder to resell or affect the eventual sale price? Thanks
  11. Just took possession of my first Heritage. 2006 Millie. I was playing it last night in my study and my wife called up to me from downstairs and asked if I had gotten a new guitar? In her words she said that "whatever I was playing sounded wonderful". I took it as a compliment about the Millie. During the past few months I asked a number of "beginner" questions on this site. I wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of knowledge that was shared with me during my "quest". I'd still be fumbling around without all the help.
  12. Could you tell me where you had one made? Did you have to ship the guitar to get it done? Thanks
  13. I recently bought my first Heritage; a 2006 Millie. Did these guitars ever come with pick guards? Any suggestions about locating a quality pick guard? Will the installation of an aftermarket pick guard affect value negatively. Thanks
  14. Wolf Guitars has a Millennium for sale. I'm not familiar with the model but I've been looking for a 535. They look quite similar. Can anyone compare the guitars form me? Thanks
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