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  1. So I have used other guitars on same and different amps and zero buzz. I have not tried switching cables but the other guitars have no buzz with same cable. The new neighbors house glows at night but they seem ok in spite of the scales on their skin. Other guitars work fine in room and house with same cable.
  2. Not that kind of buzz. My Millennium has started buzzing. It's an electrical buzz when I plug it into an amp. It's not the amp. I tried other guitars that work fine. Took it to Guitar Center because I thought it might be a grounding issue in the guitar but it worked just fine at GC. The tech thought it could be my house? Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. I notice some photos of a beautiful Millennium that is yours with amazing blonde back? Was that s custom shop creation? How long did it take to build? Were you actively involved in details? I'm considering having one made?

    Thanks for the help


  4. During my daily online guitar hunting I noticed a Millennium 158. Can anyone tell me how this is different from the H155? Thanks
  5. I noticed reverb has two categories: Heritage Millenium H 155 Is there a difference? I thought they were the same model? Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks
  6. Picked this up from fellow HOC member. Just arrived. Couldn't be happier. Photos don't do it justice.
  7. I've owned a Heritage Prospect for about a year. Definitely a favorite of mine. The smaller size works well for me. A few weeks ago I lost my mind temporarily and bought a used Collings I35 Deluxe. Its a beautiful guitar but if I'm honest with myself I can't really appreciate any significant differences between the Collings and the Prospect. They are both a pleasure to play but the Collings cost almost twice the Prospect. If I put a bag over my head (no comments thanks you) and played these two I doubt I could tell the difference.
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