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  1. I've purchased from the Tube Store in the past. For NOS vintage tubes I've purchase from Brent Jessee Recording & Supply.
  2. The body style in general seems to mimic the earlier 335's with "Mickey Mouse ears". Not sure how the necks stack up.
  3. If it sounds nice, plays nice, looks nice and is affordable then you may want to consider making it your own. I've long since moved past the "vintage thing", brand names, relics, hand carved vs. machined etc., it either sounds good or it doesn't regardless of how or when it was made or what brand name is on the headstock. Find what resonates with you and run with it! It was an 18 month search for a 335 that led me to my 2016 H530, not sure if its new plant or old plant but one thing I do know is that it makes me grin every time I plug it in!
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