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  1. If it sounds nice, plays nice, looks nice and is affordable then you may want to consider making it your own. I've long since moved past the "vintage thing", brand names, relics, hand carved vs. machined etc., it either sounds good or it doesn't regardless of how or when it was made or what brand name is on the headstock. Find what resonates with you and run with it! It was an 18 month search for a 335 that led me to my 2016 H530, not sure if its new plant or old plant but one thing I do know is that it makes me grin every time I plug it in!
  2. jac70


    Pics as requested. The antique natural is a nice finish but all things being equal (tone & price) it wouldn't be my first choice. More important is the tone- rich, creamy and woody with that P90 bite! I'm really surprised at how well this performs in the realm of rock & roll and the clean tones are just plain fat and juicy!
  3. jac70


    Hi everyone, new to the forum and recently acquainted with Heritage guitars. A few months back I picked up the H530 that Brentrocks had posted for sale in the marketplace. This ended a two year search to what started out as a quest for a 335 and I'm thankful I ended up here. I'm more of a bluesy/rocker than a jazzer type so I was initially concerned if this guitar would suit my needs but it far exceeds those, I absolutely love the overdriven tones from this guitar! I love that warm feeling I get listening to this thing sing! I'd be curious to hear from others who are using the 530 in a blues/rock format. What do you think of the lollar pickups? I find that rolling back the bridge and neck volume to 8 is the where the sweet spot is on this guitar, anything above that and it gets a little harsh sounding. Maybe it's the 500k pots and rolling that back is what makes the difference but the Lollars do seem a tad on the hot side. Glad to be part of the community, these are wonderful guitars at great value! Jim
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