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  1. I have a circle h guitar. Admittedly, I hate the logo and would much rather have the alternative. That said, the rest of the guitar is an absolute gem. I consider it my best guitar. When I was making the purchasing decision, it kinda reminded me of the gibson vs heritage headstock debate. Do i really care what the headstock looks like? Not all that much. Staying true to that philosophy I took the bait. Glad I did.
  2. I'm still itching for my very own KBP. I would treat it really nicely!
  3. Nice pick up! I'm still enjoying the 535 I got from you back around turkey day.
  4. Let's just say that my wife has come up with an idea to remodel our house to give me a sound proof "office".
  5. Makes me wonder if the price of amps will increase with the shortage of tubes.
  6. Got it on Monday. Opened it up and tested for about 20 minutes yesterday. Can't wait to really spend quality time this weekend with it. Yesterday was just a tease. So happy it has a master volume mod on it.
  7. Funny you mention this. I just got my new-to-me Heritage colonial. As I was installing the tubes and observing 'made in Russia' I wondered what might be the implication on the pricing given the current events. Yikes!
  8. This has been set in motion. I can't wait.
  9. Brian, your NADs have always impressed me.
  10. Wow, I'm hearing resounding crickets. Any negative feedback? Or criticism at all that I should be aware of?
  11. I'm thinking about picking up a heritage colonial....talk me out of it.
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