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  1. I first saw the top and was intrigued, then I saw the neck and was all in. Then I saw the price and was bummed out. Fortunately, the seller worked with me to get the price to a point where I was all in. This is my first 150 and I can't put her down.
  2. I'd choose my girl any day of the week. Louise arrived the day before Lorelei's birthday, so I had to postpone my NGD a couple days while I set up the house for the bday party and celebrated. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes.
  3. Exactly! It's not selfish, just forward thinking. Lol
  4. In honor of my daughter's 4th birthday, I decided to make an addition to the family. Meet Louise. She enters the room with an attitude, sucks the tone out and spits it right back in your face. She looks grumpy, but once she opens up she'll shower you with sweet, sugary goodness. We are bonding nicely.
  5. Curious, what is Edwin Wilson's role with Heritage? Everything I've seen states he's in charge of R&D for the Harmony brand while Farmer heads up Heritage. Yet, with the release of the custom core 150, Edwin's fingerprint is all over it. I know it's all the same company (bandlab), but even in the lineup for this event Wilson is designated as Harmony and Farmer as Heritage. Just trying to make sense of that relationship.
  6. I didn't even realize how many anniversary models there are. I thought it was just 10, 20, 30. Expected there to be a 25, but haven't seen any yet. @buzzy pics please
  7. I have to say I like the flag inlay for the 10th/20th more than the 30th. I wonder what the gang has in store for their 40th. @skydog52 Impressive lineup you have there! @LK155 Damn... she is a beauty! The things she must do to you late at night! @Gitfiddler @TalismanRich those Millie Eagles are rad. I love the H tailpiece!
  8. I was thinking about anniversary model guitars today... What is the best anniversary model Heritage has produced, in your opinion, and what makes it stand out from other anniversary models? Also, what differences are there from their standard brethren?
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