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  1. fxdx99? that was my first HD !
  2. I try to keep my pedal board to a minimum . With some of the new multi effects boxes that makes it easy . My Keeley Dark Side and a tuner cover a huge amount of territory with minimal footprint ( Dist/ Phase/ Univibe/ Flange/ Rotary / Delay ) , add a good preamp/DI and it makes packing for a gig a snap.
  3. I use a Mesa Rosette 2x10 for the guitars as it has 2 seperate channels with DI out , a great workhorse that will handle bass , but it works better for Bass with a dedicated bass pre amp/di into the board.
  4. here's the guitar deluxe version ..
  5. As I'm pushing 68 and do regular open mikes sound, I got tired of lugging around Bass gear, then after a bit of research and tips from other players on the Alembic forum I snagged this lil gem. I was skeptical as I usually run a Mesa /Boogie 800w head and 2X15 . I was WAY pleased as was one of the other performers who played through .. ."all the sound from that little analog box? " YES ! The cab sims are great and being able to dial in the resonance is very useful. The good news is they make a guitar version ( and deluxe version ) that rock as well.
  6. now it has a burly big brother in the 50W Blue Sierra . Basically a handwired 50w plexi that's been well tweeked.
  7. I have the red bases in my PRS Blue Sierra and am quite pleased
  8. small amps rock , congrats!
  9. Thanks folks , had a local artist play through it and the smile would put a chesire cat to shame .. She loved the H535 through it. Yes Bolero , The Dark Side fuzz on the right side ( Flat/Full/Scoop toggle) on the other side it has Flange/Rotary Delay and Phaze / Univibe. The DG30 loves the overdrive pedals , the Blue Sierra has so much gain they are completley wasted. The rotary switch goes from one effect to the other for the dual sounds, in the middle you get a bit of both ... a very cool pedal . Stacked univibes ( with the Hooke ) is just cool 4 days there's a button up top if you run both effects you can chose fuzz pre or post
  10. If you keep the Master low and dime the volume you get outrageous thick fuzz , bring the master up a bit and it gets ferocious. For the Curious the pedal board : Xotic Sweet Sauce booster->Fender MTG Tube Distortion (old school) -> Keely Dark Side->Boss Auto-Wah -Keeley Hooke Reverb-: TC Stereo Chorus/Trem/Flanger -> split path 1 DG 30 / path 2 Trex Quint octave pedal set with 50% 1 octave down, 25% 5th to Blue SierraVery fun to stack the gains of the first 3 stages as the Dark side has a wicked fuzz I have set to full range (vs scoop /flat) .. Santana in a box at bedroom volumesIt also has phase/univibe/flange/leslie/delay that are quiet fun , the Hooke has Univibe/reverb and Trem /verb settings .. stacking the univibes is wild! Kick in the quint ( which I typically use for fiddle to add "reediness) and it sounds SO wicked.
  11. All set up in stereo with my DG 30 , perfect imaging ..sonic bliss
  12. The Blue Sierra is a close back , it just arrived ...VERY clean Texas blackface Super Reverb tone if you plug straight in . Much more sparly than the DG30 , as Grissom doesn't like bright amps as he's a bridge pickup guy
  13. Doug Sewell is obsessed with tone and has the freedom to chase it
  14. Doug Sewell's amps are thick and delicious
  15. I've enjoyed my DG30 custom so much I was looking for another of Doug Sewell's masterpieces . The Blue Sierra was one of the initial models from PRS Custom Amp Dept . This is the model Derek Trucks plays . 50w hand wired EL 34 ( can run 6L6's) with a 2x12 that has seperate jacks (custom) so you can run it as a single 12 /share the cab with another amp or run both .. Just love the Paisley ...
  16. Celestion Vintage 30 Power-Handling: 120 Watts 8 ohms The back is ported and has grill screens . The cat on the chair is Doug Sewel the amp designer
  17. After 30 years with Mesa/Boogie when it came time for a new amp I looked seriously at the Mark V :35 with a wooden cab. I decided to keep an open mind and just received my new PRS DG 30 Custom amp and 2x 12 cab . It is a hand wired 3 x 12AX7 / 1 12AT7 (reverb) 4 EL84M/7189 single channel designed with David Grissom and Doug Sewel . By far the sweetest amp I've ever played , imagine the love child of a Fender Twin and Vox AC30
  18. I've used my Budda Bud-Wah for years without a glitch .
  19. My grandsons love my H535 so much I built them clones in their favorite colors , for their birthdays (6 and 11)
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