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  1. Welcome Bubba!!! i love your goldtop!!! the 535 is no slouch either! ;D i am a proud new goldtop owner myself!!! glad you joined the club! http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y52/ebmmquilt/H%20150%20P%20Gold%20Top/p1010010.jpg[/img]
  2. VERY nice 157 Eddie!!! Welcome to the club!!! you are wise to post pics first...you get these if you dont... ;D :this_thread_is_useless_withou :this_thread_is_useless_withou
  3. that's what i like to hear!!! ;D Welcome!!! ;D
  4. Hey Kevin, Welcome...you scored the 147 on ebay? very nice!
  5. Welcome Bob! your Heritage has some playmates ;D Hope you stick around and have some fun w/ us!
  6. WELCOME OJ!!!! there are a bunch of nice 150s on ebay fro VERY good prices...take your pick!!! but dont wait too long, prices are on the rise :wink:
  7. Welcome Bruce! :this_thread_is_useless_withou
  8. Frank Marino...SWEET!!! i love his album "juggernaut" sp? good stuff!! strange dreams is a great song!
  9. Welcome Greg! i have a good friend in western australia, cottesole...i ship gear for him in the usa! it is good to hear from you and glad you are a member of the HOC!!! post some pics of your 535!!!!
  11. :this_thread_is_useless_withou WELCOME DAN!!!
  12. are you saying if we were to order a guitar, we couldnt get that color? it is really cool!!!!
  13. Katie...that blueberry burst is amazing!! i would love to see that on a 535!!!! thanks for sharing!
  14. Welcome Katie i think we have met a couple times...glad you are here to join in the fun!
  15. this is great guys, keep it up!!!!!! a warm welcome to all the 1st timers! stick around and have a blast
  16. yeah, come one guys and gals, we wont bite..... ;D
  17. Hi, I'm Brent I love Heritage guitars. I currently have a Gary Moore, A Stat Deluxe and a H 170.....I'm working on acquiring more, will it ever end????? I enjoy living so close to the Heritage Factory...they are a good group! I am also one of the hosts of the "Parson Street Pilgrimage" comming in July. (all you news guys need to check that out and be a part of this event if possible)
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