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  1. Very cool git! Congrats!
  2. YOU ROCK!  Glad to see you are back!

  3. heritagefan7

    H525 - front

    My goodness it just does my heart good to look at this--fiddler, this is awesome!
  4. heritagefan7

    H157 front

    WOW--This looks so much like my 91 LP studio---obviously much nicer than mine, but it's weird to be able to see such similarity. The VSB is beautiful as well!
  5. heritagefan7

    '90 H574

    I Love when this picture comes up b/c I have this exact same git---and that is so weird!---whole Orange color--rare model thing just throws me--like passing your long lost twin f walking down the street
  6. heritagefan7

    '90 H574

    Great picture. I have the 1991 version in the same color. Awesome guitar and a rare find. Hope you are enjoying yours as much as I enjoy mine! Heritagefan7
  7. Hi everyone, Just joined HOC this week but been a heritage owner for over a year. Great to be part of the group. I have an H 574 (rare model according to the folks at the factory) I love Heritage guitars and am interested in getting either a 535 or a 530. No Heritage dealer close by so can't go play either one. Any thoughts? I'm a blues fan and do a little jazz---the 574 is totally awesome for both! Any comments about semi hollow 535 vs hollow 530 would be great. Thanks!
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