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  1. Just to circle back on this. This weekend will be it’s 4th gig. We are bonding quite quickly and well. The Bigsby B-12 install went without a hitch. This guitar is quickly becoming my go to. (Yes I know the spring isn’t set correctly. Was rectified immediately afterI took the pic which was before I had played it with the B-12)
  2. First rehearsal with it this evening. Most definitely delivered the goods. Bigsby B12 arrived today and will get installed Sat.
  3. Curious, do mean a B7 with the tension bar and you were still having the string come off the saddle?
  4. The 530 does not have a center block. As I understand: non tension bar Bigsbys are for high mount bridges (like the Tom on top of a bridge base. Like my White Falcon) tension bar Bigsbys are for low mount bridges, like a Tom on a 530, 535 or Gibson 330, 335 i looked at 330s and Casinos (both hollow bodies). From the factory they are coming with tension bar Bigsbys. Ala B7
  5. So I am going to Bigsby this. I am thinking tension bar models. Most go B7, I’m thinking B12 thoughts?
  6. First post as I recall. Anyways now soon a Heritage owner. 2015 H-530. Should be here next week.
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