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  1. Still loving the 530. I can lower the action a bit though, but the strings hit the bridge pup. I have that pup down all it will go. Do my eyes deceive me or is there a spacer between the pups and body? Can you remove it? IE enough cavity room, etc?
  2. Just to circle back on this. This weekend will be it’s 4th gig. We are bonding quite quickly and well. The Bigsby B-12 install went without a hitch. This guitar is quickly becoming my go to. (Yes I know the spring isn’t set correctly. Was rectified immediately afterI took the pic which was before I had played it with the B-12)
  3. First rehearsal with it this evening. Most definitely delivered the goods. Bigsby B12 arrived today and will get installed Sat.
  4. Curious, do mean a B7 with the tension bar and you were still having the string come off the saddle?
  5. The 530 does not have a center block. As I understand: non tension bar Bigsbys are for high mount bridges (like the Tom on top of a bridge base. Like my White Falcon) tension bar Bigsbys are for low mount bridges, like a Tom on a 530, 535 or Gibson 330, 335 i looked at 330s and Casinos (both hollow bodies). From the factory they are coming with tension bar Bigsbys. Ala B7
  6. So I am going to Bigsby this. I am thinking tension bar models. Most go B7, I’m thinking B12 thoughts?
  7. First post as I recall. Anyways now soon a Heritage owner. 2015 H-530. Should be here next week.
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