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  1. I wonder how nice that guitar looked before he did that to it. $3000+.... Not a chance in hell.
  2. But who wants to buy a vintage 1964 taco?
  3. I was lucky to get a custom build when the company was still in transition. It was still affordable. Unfortunately something got screwed up ether on the order or at the factory and I didn't receive what I ordered. It was a partial blessing as I ordered a Prospect with a solid block and I got the standard floating block. I actually like that. But the neck isn't a 60s style like I ordered so I find it hard to play for a whole gig. It was my 50th birthday present to myself and I sold a nice 335 to get it. That was my one time shot at a custom made guitar for myself. I was thinking of selling my 336 and ordering one with 60's style neck but at this point it's way to expensive. So my opinion of Heritage guitars isn't as enthusiastic as it used to be. I understand what and why the company is doing things like they are. The days of getting a quality hand made guitar for a crazy good price is over. I'm glad I got mine when I did. Salute to the old Heritage guys. p
  4. Love it, That is an awesome idea!
  5. I saw a blue 535 a while back.I liked it so much I almost had my Prospect done in blue.
  6. I think it would make it harder to sell if it's a "off color" I think there's a reason you don't see a lot of green guitars. Apparently a lot of people dont like them otherwise you'd see more. If you have an off color I think you're limiting your people who might want to buy it. Does that effect cost? Not if you can find someone who wants it. ;<) I saw a Green 535 for sale a while back, I didn't think it looked bad. I haven't priced out heritages for a while but $1500.00 for a mint 555 sounds like a good deal.
  7. Wow! must be a nice one. I totally regret selling my 335. But I did get my custom Prospect. Glad you found that guitar!
  8. Is that a floating bridge or is it pinned down?
  9. Last weekend I went to Guitar Center to buy a new cable and wound up putting money down on a used Blues Cube Hot. (I shouldn't go there without supervision) I've been looking at getting a solid state grab and go amp for rehearsals and jamms. Tube amps get pretty beat up tossing them in and out of the truck in super cold/hot weather. I cant pick it up until Saturday. Wisconsin has a 15 day hold policy on used gear to make sure it's not stolen. I was instantly impressed on how it responds like a tube amp and sounds better then any solid state amp I've played. There was just a presence or tone that you just don't find on solid state amps. Has any one here ever played any of the Roland Blues Cube line? Opinions? When I get this amp I'll be selling a Carvin Nomad and a Rivera Chubster on the local Craigs List. They are great amps but I just dont use them anymore. (Hit me up if you have any interest.)
  10. I almost pulled the trigger on one. Hard to beat at the price level.I didnt think it had enough clean headroom. But now that I think about it. that would have been a great amp for my last band. I picked up a 25 watt Rivera Pubster head. Great amp but it but it's twice the $$ of a Jet City.
  11. Detroit, what is it about the Jet City you don't like?
  12. Nice score! My Dc has been my go to guitar for a while now. How much did it set you back if you don’t mind me asking?
  13. Were those the Tim Shaw Pups? They are supposed to be a desired Pup from that Era.
  14. For the record I officially agree with that. ( I am so glad I didnt sell mine like I was going to)
  15. I have the Pubster 25 head. Sounds great. Put that through a 2X12 cab and your ready to rock. I normally run it through a 1X12 since thats all I need for most clubs. My only complaint would be that when you hit the boost it seems to add a lot of high end. I have a feeling it was designed that way to cut through during your leads. I also have a Chubster 40 combo and a Rake reverb head. I'm a bit of a Rivera fan boy. ;<)
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