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  1. Look at the bottom of the block, you should see about a 1/4 inch space between the block and the back of the guitar. Prospects are awesome.
  2. I was of the same thought as of a few months ago. All the SS amps I had played sounded steril by comparison to my Riveras. Though I thought the LAB series were OK. I never ran across a modeling amp that I liked or thought sounded good in a live situation. SS amps didn't have the touch sensitivity or response of a tube amp. But.... I tried a Roland Blues Cube. I dont know what kind of digital voodoo they used but that amp has the response and tone of a tube amp. I've been playing it live and have had tube snobs telling me that they think that amp sounds good. It's not a modeling amp. No menus of crappy sounding effects. I'm certainly not going to run out and sell my tube amps but I must admit the solid state market is catching up to the desired tube tone
  3. I recently bought a Roland Blues Cube Hot-Boss. (El-34 voiced) I bought it for rehearsals and jamms. But I have found myself gigging with it regularly. It has the Roland "Tube Logic" technology. It responds very much like a tube amp with touch sensitivity and reaction between guitar and amp. I play in a seven piece band and stage acreage is at a premium. This thing is small, super light and sounds great. I own several nice Rivera heads and a Mesa that have not been getting much stage time since I bought the Blues Cube. Does it sound "as good" as the tube heads? It's close but not quite. But it's a small trade off for a zero maintenance, great sounding, lightweight amp at a quarter of the price. Plus the .5w, 5w, 15w, 30w power selector makes it ideal for most gigs. (I usually use it at 5W and never above 15w) As a long time tube disciple I have a hard time writing this. Solid state has come a long way. lol
  4. I don't know where you live but I'm in Wisconsin. When I ordered mine it finally shipped in February during a cold snap. I bought it from Wolf Music so they had to ship it to Florida. The temp difference was pretty big. They set it up and shipped it to me. By the time it arrived it had been bouncing around in a Fed EX truck in sub zero temps. The guitar had all sorts of fret buzz. Not surprising considering the extreme change of temps on a brand new guitar. Anyways, Its not unusual for a new guitar to need a few truss adjustments before it settles in. I'd take it back to GC, if they cant fix it get your $$ back. For what they are charging for them there's no way you should have to settle for a guitar that has issues
  5. I was lucky to get a custom build when the company was still in transition. It was still affordable. Unfortunately something got screwed up ether on the order or at the factory and I didn't receive what I ordered. It was a partial blessing as I ordered a Prospect with a solid block and I got the standard floating block. I actually like that. But the neck isn't a 60s style like I ordered so I find it hard to play for a whole gig. It was my 50th birthday present to myself and I sold a nice 335 to get it. That was my one time shot at a custom made guitar for myself. I was thinking of selling my 336 and ordering one with 60's style neck but at this point it's way to expensive. So my opinion of Heritage guitars isn't as enthusiastic as it used to be. I understand what and why the company is doing things like they are. The days of getting a quality hand made guitar for a crazy good price is over. I'm glad I got mine when I did. Salute to the old Heritage guys. p
  6. Love it, That is an awesome idea!
  7. Starting up a band from scratch is a miserable endeavor.....I got lucky with the band I'm in now. It just kind of fell together.....
  8. I wonder how much do the non-chambered ones weigh?
  9. Hello I'm CJ. I'm not a heritage owner "YET" but I'm on a quest for a new main axe and ran across Heritage. I currently own a 73 Gibson S-G and a 76 ES335 (And a few others). I love Gibsons but I've been checking out there new stuff and have been disappointed for the most part. When I ran across the Heritage web site a few days ago and It was like my prayers were answered. I'll be checking out the "for sale" section daily. Currently I'm looking for a les paul style or maybe a 335/339 style. Does Heritage make any weight relieved les paul models?
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