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Multiple Heritage pickup swap

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So I meet this cat on FB. We get to talking and he says he winds pickups....he took the Jason Lollar pickup building classes and he is also getting into building custom guitars. His name is Conner Baldacci, he lives in Wyoming. I told him I like a Alnico II humbucker with a little bite in the bridge.....he knocked it out of the park!!!


He wound 2 sets for me and I installed them in my H357 and H150 today.


The bridge is just under 9.00....the neck is about 8.50. Both Alnico II magnets.


The H357 requires a short leg and I decided to do Zebras for the P-bird.


The H150, I decided to go with double cream bobbins.


These pickups have great clarity and definition. The bridge has a great overdriven attack...perfect for rock/hard rock. The neck is thick, warm and fat....I like to roll the tone back to about 6-7, that gives me a super sweet tone with some moderate OD!!!!


And to top it off, his prices are very reasonable!!!



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The important thing is you're happy and *inspired* by the tones yer getting. Those are awesome guitars and what, a '69 Super? So cool.

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