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Rhonda Jean the Trailer Trash Queen gets 60 oz. worth of enhancement done


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Put her on the carpet face down early this morning, removed the back baffle of the combo cab, removed the nuts and washers from the four studs.  Plugged in my fave soldering iron and stuck a dry terry wash cloth under the work areas to keep molten material from falling on and sticking to the cone.  Used the hot iron to remove the wires from the speaker terminals.  It was then that I realized why it was a bit compressed and not super loud on the db meter...i had hooked up the 8 ohm tap when there was a 16 ohm tap available from the waaaay upgraded output transformer.  The speaker I removed was a 30w rated 8-16 ohm 1962 vintage University Diffusicone 12.  It was a great sounding, light weight speaker that delivered a full range response.  That amp was magical in touch and tone while using a speaker never designed for guitar amp use.  

The speaker replacing it was.  It is a much newer Tone Tubby Nashville 16 ohm with a 60 oz. "yank the screwdriver out of your hand" ceramic magnet.  It is rated for 75 watts.  Its sweet, velvet covered hammer palette sonically evokes the 60's 200w EVM 12s produced under the Altec Lansing label sitting in another cab.  This time I soldered the 16 ohm tap.  

The diffusicone was a fantastic sounding speaker.  The more efficient TT sounded significantly more more dynamic to touch, tight controlled attack clean as well as distorted, and still delivers the full range response of the diffusicone at greater headroom and max volumes as well.  Kinda like putting a diamond earring in a pig snout at the TT wallet bite, but at the first note she sounded so fine I didn't care where the money went...



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You have it, perfectly.  Yesterday RJ's cousin Cinderella ('61 Harmony H-306A) got laid down and pulled train on three speakers in a row.  The longtime regular was the University diffusicone 12, first strange was a vintage Pioneer 12" alnico hifi speaker, which is a low watt jensen p anything killer, then finally she did a JBL MI-12.  The University is a full range speaker, great for my Stephen Stern Duo Jet, and the Pioneer had almost the same amount of range, was a bit less efficient bot wonderful sounding that pioneer would be great in a Fender Deluxe circuit.  The JBL had the best voice clean and dirty so it's the new regular now...

move over little dog cause the big dog's moving in...

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