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  1. Bolero - thank you! It's been beyond exciting for me learning about it. I did find out a little more that I haven't posted yet, but I'm waiting to get it back from being set up, (hopefully on Wednesday) to post what I learn from them as well. A person here suggested that during set up I have them look for a brand name on the back of the bridge, tailpiece, and I told them to look at back of pickups as well. I'm anxiously waiting to see what they say about that as well! Yoslate - Thanks. Though I'm sure it's easier to make a debut when you are (unknowingly) bringing a mystery star to the s
  2. Gitfiddler - Sorry, no idea why it just reposted that. Skydog52 - handcarved.... I can't imagine. I absolutely love the history here!
  3. Gitfiddler - So helpful of you to mention that! Lol As it would happen... I looked at them after I got my "starter stuff" in my cart. Just looking to be looking. I can honestly say I didn't see one I'd want more than the one I have. 🙂
  4. Gitfiddler - So helpful of you to mention that! Lol As it would happen... I looked at them after I got my "starter stuff" in my cart. Just looking to be looking. I can honestly say I didn't see one I'd want more than the one I have. 🙂
  5. Welp. So it begins... I just placed my first Sweetwater order. I guess it's all downhill from here. Lol
  6. FredZepp - Well if that was the prototype, and mine was the 6th one to follow that, I'm now feeling like the bridge & tailpiece on mine is original after all. Mine looks the same to me, (bridge & tailpiece I mean) but it's very possible I'm missing something. DetroitBlues - Were you also one that told me you thought those pieces had been swapped out? If so, I'm wondering why a couple of you thought that. I just realized I'd been thinking the neck and headstock on guitars were always one piece. When some would say "mahogany top" my brain was thinking more "top half" as in bo
  7. Houndhome - I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say you probably said that same thing about "trying not to add more since storage space...." at around guitar 35 or 40. 😂
  8. TalismanRich - oh! The pic of the one that hung on the wall renews my hope the bridge and tailpiece could be original. I need to go back and see which person here seemed sure it had been swapped and ask them why they thought that. It's all pretty confusing really. It doesn't help that when I try to do my own (uneducated) digging about things, that I find out the advertised 1984 I found, that I was comparing mine to, was really a 1987. Lol Also, looking for brand name when it's restrung is a great idea, thank you!
  9. TalismanRich - Well now I'm so confused! I was sure it had been swapped out because when I found out, from someone here, that mine was a 140 and not the 150 like I'd been told, I started Googling to learn more about it. I came across this picture and saw it looked different. It was during a discussion with hubby asking how that was even possible that I then learned his friend had strings lowered and we (neither of which know guitars) came to the swap-out conclusion. I wonder if there is any way to know for sure now.
  10. Yoslate - Wow! I can imagine that was quite a fiasco watching that situation go down. 😬 This guitar is priceless to hubby and I both. But as I said before, my main concern was finding out if it was so valuable that it wouldn't be something I'd be comfortable handling daily. Now that I know so much more about it, thanks to everyone here, I honestly feel privileged to be able to begin my journey with a great guitar that also has its own wonderful history. I truly do.
  11. Rwinking - at least you know your weaknesses! Ha. Sometimes that's half the battle I suppose. Houndhome - 63?! holy sh.... 😳 *slowly backing away* I shall avoid, what appears to be, the poster child for this guitar addiction issue. My God, get ahold of yourself, man!! 😂
  12. FredZepp - sorry, I was distracted when I first read that and thought you were asking me if this was done by MM. Anyway, yes that's who I was talking about.
  13. I personally have no idea, but that is beautiful!
  14. Skydog - I had assumed it was the end of Nov. from trying to research the serial number, but it's very nice to have confirmation. Thank you. It would be interesting to know the date the first one was made. Just because I'm curious if they were several weeks apart, or just a few days.
  15. Gitfiddler - I love Sweetwater. It's in my hometown and I've been there many times with a musician friend of mine, even back when they had a tiny (kind of crappy lol) little store. Excellent call on the headphones! I never would have thought of that! My hubby called you a genius for that one. Thanks for the other info as well!
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