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  1. I appreciate both comments and I think one should always state the obvious, although these tasks were done. Thank you
  2. I brought my Heritage H-535 into the studio last weekend while recording my band's second album. The sound was spectacular but we had tuning problems. The sound was so good we wound up doing some of the songs in short sections. I'm thinking of putting locking tuners on it. Anyone have experience with this? If so what are your recommendations. Thank you. Dr D
  3. Hi Heritage People. I'm from Sarasota, Florida and in my second childhood put together a band (Dreamwalkers), manifested an album, and am working on a second album. In my day job I'm a psychologist. I acquired an H-535 about six months ago and brought it into the recording of the new album. The sound is just luxuriously spectacular. Love it. The band's website is dreamwalkersband.com Peace Dr Dreamwalker
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