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  1. Beautiful! Can I ask, how is it wired? 2 vol, 2 tone, or other setup? Thanks!

    Sure! I had it custom wired with 3 vol., 1 master tone, and pull up center p'up. Ren guided my guitar tech by phone to get it done right. Tons of tones!

  2. Close. It is 'Old Style Burst' (OSB). Classic brown outside with a touch of reddish-to-dark yellow center. The amazing quilt back looks a touch lighter and more on fire in sunlight. Best of all, it sounds amazing. Thanks for looking.

  3. I thought the 575 is a 16 and the 550 a 17 why does it look the opposite???


    Perspective. I was closer to the smaller 575 at the time of the photo which distorts the actual size difference.

  4. Chestnut Burst... I'll keep that in mind if I ever feel the need to buy another Heritage sometime in the future :) Thanks. The Custom Shop section of Heritage's website doesn't say anything about an optional third pickup - was that installed after you bought it? Or is it just Heritage's website being vague (as usual)?


    This was a totally custom order by the original owner. (I'm #2).

    With so many custom options, there is no way to show them all on the Heritage site...unless they attached our gallery! :)

  5. Hi: My name is Patrick. New on HOC. I've got a few nice pieces; 2 Super eagles, 1 Golden eagle and a recently aquired 2006 H555. I love your Golden Eagle. It would look great in my collection. Is it available?



    Hi Patrick,


    I hope I'm not duplicating a previous reply (getting older does that!), but no, my Golden Eagle is not currently available. Thanks for viewing my gallery and commenting.


    If your instruments are in your gallery, I'll check them out as well.


    Take care,



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