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  1. I successfully installed a strap button in spot #4 of the above image. You might laugh but about 15yrs ago I broke the screw head installing one on an Eastman guitar. I didn't know enough to drill a pilot hole, dummy me! Thank God the H575 was a success, I would have cried! Has anyone replaced the strap button on the other end (tail)? I'd like to put a Dunlop button that has a bigger lip to prevent the strap from slipping off. I unscrewed the stock knob and it's screw doesn't fit the new knob right and I'm unsure if I can just screw in the new knob with It's slightly longer screw, drill
  2. Got to play it in a band format last night VERY BREIFLY as practice got cut way short. I was so bummed as I literally just switched to the H-575 in the tune we had to stop rehearsal during...but there will be a next time for sure!
  3. I do have one question to ask.... I need to install a strap pin like we were talking about in the other recent thread. I think I'm going for spot #4 (referencing the pic in that thread) but besides predrilling the hole, is there anything I need to know? I did this once year ago with an Eastman and didn't know enough to pre-dill the hold and the screw head broke off and couldn't get the rest of the screw out....had to made a new hold right next to it. So I need to do it right this time, first try!
  4. I can finally join the Heritage owners club as I got my H-575 just yesterday! Long time lurker, realized I've been a member here since 2012 that has been close to a Heritage multiple times (H-535s, H-530s, H-575s), good to finally be an owner! It was apparently a customer return from Music Store Live and I certainly cannot find a defect or anything that someone would return it for. So I feel like I got a nearly new H-575 at a decent price for today's going rates. The store probably had it for a while as the the serial number is AJ16810, which makes it a 2019 I think, right? It's a sunburs
  5. Hmm, makes sense, now I'm thinking #4 given that info. I had an acoustic that used spot #5 and the angle didn't feel right to me.
  6. I'm leaning toward #1 at the moment myself... Might it come with a strap button or should I order one? Mine's a customer return from a dealer, so I thought I'd check if it came with one before ordering one.
  7. Funny you post this because I'm waiting on a H-575, hopefully getting delivered tomorrow and was wondering where people tend to like it installed on their H-575s!
  8. Is this truly a laminated top H-575? Seems pretty rare?! https://musicstorelive.com/hrtg-100-0304-123.html Specs say: "Body Material: Laminated Curly Maple (Top & Back)"
  9. I'll PM you to possibly hear more even though I don't know I can swing one right now! Yea, I'm sure they do too...Grant Green made me sure of that! I'm just so used to humbuckers, their warmth and fullness and noiseless. Full sized though as mini humbuckers I've tried are bright.
  10. How common are the humbucker equipped H-525 guitars? Not to downplay the P90 version, but I really think it could be my perfect jazz/funk/rock guitar with humbuckers. Do used ones ever come on the market?
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