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  1. Welcome to the club .. Great looking guitar there....
  2. Awesome Heritage there, Hammertone. I believe that is an acoustic Super Eagle? ... In any case, beautiful guitar.
  3. Beautiful... I love that pic.
  4. Welcome to the club , Gert. It is likely that your Prospect has Schaller pickups ( these would have two screws on each side of the pickup) , but posting a photo of your guitar may help us identify the pickups. If your pickup selector switch has a "dot " on the end of the plastic part ,then you have HRW pickups. You are right that a good headstock repair is very strong and should not give you any problems. Opinions about the hardware vary, it has certainly been discussed here before. Enjoy your Prospect, those are great guitars.
  5. FredZepp

    Blonde Sweet 16

    Oh My.... That is just too incredible. I love that one.
  6. Welcome... It seems that you have a K-zoo made 335 also.. You understand the magic of Parsons St. and it is in that 150 also.
  7. That is a Sweet Prospect there... a great example of Kalamazoo craftsmanship. The pickups are Seymour Duncans, which is why yours is called a Prospect Classic. They'd be the '59 model or Seth Lovers.
  8. There are certainly other Prospect owners around here... As to the pickups, the pictures may tell us some things.. and it's always good to check the label inside for any clues.
  9. Welcome to the HOC , Jon. A Prospect is a wonderful Heritage, no doubt. There is a lot to like about them. Enjoy the site and show us some pics of that Prospect when you can.
  10. From the album: FredZepp

    The left headstock is a 1989 H-140. The right headstock is a 2000 H-150 Classic, with an aftermarket truss rod cover.

    © © Fred Myers

  11. Welcome to the HOC You expressed some sound logic there. The instruments coming out of Kalamazoo are amazing, I'm sure you'll be well pleased. Please post some pics and comments after you receive your 535... we love to hear of new Heritages.
  12. Welcome Skribbal, That 25th Anni 535 is going to be exceptional, no doubt. And in Dark Almond Burst.. well, expect to be well pleased with a stunning guitar. Post some pics when you get it. I predict it will be quite photogenic...
  13. Yes, martyb.. that was a good trade. It's great that all are happy. I like Strats, but a burnt amber 535 is a sweet Heritage. A most "real" guitar, indeed. Feel free to share a pic with us if you'd like. We love to see a variety of Heritage guitars.
  14. Man, that is a great looking 150.. very nice top.
  15. Welcome aboard, George and Tony. Explore the site, join in and have some fun. We're glad that you found us.
  16. FredZepp

    '92 H150CM ASB

    From the album: FredZepp

    Photo taken in bright sunlight...

    © © Fred Myers

  17. Welcome to the HOC, FiveString. It's very cool that you've already got a Kalamazoo made guitar, and I predict that you'll be stunned by the 25th Anniversary 535 that is on the way. We'd love to see pics and hear your impressions when you get it.
  18. Awesome. There is a lot to love about this one.. but the hollow trap inlays catch my eye here....
  19. Welcome to the HOC, strings.. Many of us have similiar stories of finding Heritage and the comparison to G&L may ring true. Enjoy the site and show us some pics of your 535 when you get it...!!!
  20. Welcome to the club, David. I bet that Trans Black looks great in person. The trans finishes are hard to photograph sometimes. Enjoy the HOC , post some more pics and tell us your impression when you receive your H-150CM !!
  21. From the album: FredZepp

    © © Fred Myers

  22. Welcome to the club, Bunky . The Eagle is quite a stunner.. good choice.
  23. Welcome Budman13 and bnmartin54, We are glad to hear from new members.. Budman13.. it's hard to comment on your concern with the binding. But yes, because these are made like the Golden Years of Gibson, they have some of the inherent flaws of a handmade instrument like the originals did also. The instrument should be crafted to provide a rich warm tone and excellent playability . bnmartin54.. good luck on finding your Heritage.. and , of course, we'd love to see it when it arrives. Do some searching though the forums and gallery to get some ideas.
  24. FredZepp

    '10 H110 Custom

    Wow, that's pretty cool.
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