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  1. A good topic for me to chime in on, here are my thoughts because until the last two weeks or so I was considering buying a new amp. Instead, I have had the two I own revalved and serviced. The two I own are a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and a Peavey classic 30. The Engineer went through them both very thoroughly and rated the output of the Hot Rod at 50 Watts before break up, it's sold as a 40 Wattt amp. I have had the Hot Rod for years now. when I bought it I was really into playing over driven rock, but now I play it clean, same with the Peavey, which I bought as a back up amp. Anyway here's what I would look for if I was to buy a new amp. Valve powered 30/40 watts max Separate head and cab Old style build on a flat board, no flow soldering, point to point wiring so when a component fails, all you do is switch it out. One Channel Treble, Middle, bass control Tremolo and Reverb Marine ply quality cabinet There we go, that's all I want, the only manufacturer I know who can deliver that is Matamp, perhaps not known in USA.
  2. You are spot on Daniel, you have to have the foundations first. I am convinced though that at the end of the day, the other part of the foundation is the guy playing the guitar and knowing how to team up the guitar with the right amp. I keep thinking about the pictures of the L5S's you bought, just fabulous.
  3. I didn't get on with the ones in my 555 so swapped them out for Seymour Duncan 59's = just a matter of personal taste really.
  4. Another one of your beautiful guitars, you and I think the same - the less gold the better.I would love a Gretsch but I've been out of work since las November. One of these days I will find one I like and put the money down. Thanks for the nice words about my 555.
  5. Thanks Daniel, knowing what beautiful guitars you have, that's a real compliment. I swapped out the gold for nickel as I wanted to make it just that little bit unique, also putting the more standard bridge in - it's a great guitar
  6. here's mine Since this was taken the colour seems to have mellowed into a more honey colour.
  7. @ Houndhome a very nice example of a 555, thanks for posting, they are special order only now. I think mine is a 1992.
  8. Well, who wants all their guitars to sound the same anyway? but no, I don't hear much difference either, and on top of that a quality guitar should have its own voice in the first place.
  9. If I could chose an H150, it would more than likely be this one. I don't know who it belongs to, I found it on the net but what a finish. Just thought I'd share it.
  10. My 555 in natural. I changed from gold hardware to nickel - the wood is more honey coloured now. and the back, showing tiger maple neck
  11. I own a 555 but would be very happy with a 535. I bought the 555 because it was available. Both are knock out guitars and you would enjoy either. Good luck and post some pictures. I was actually looking for a 535 when I found the 555, but Heritage guitars are hard to come by in the UK, there is not much selection. often it's a case of what is available rather than what you prefer.
  12. I will bow to superior knowledge and experience in this case, I know you are well clued in on this stuff. I guess I am somewhat anti Gibbons as they are now and perhaps forget the good stuff they made. I particularly like your two L5S.
  13. Rob, that's a fabulous looking guitar, congratulations on owning it.
  14. I found this picture on the net. In my personal opinion, it's too good looking to put a scratch plate on. My 555 has a matching wood scratch plate to the body so it doesn't stand out so much. Scratch plates should be on Tele's, Strats, SG's and similar. Other opinions are available.
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