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  1. Mark - you'll be happy to know that this one is being well loved and played the best I can. Thanks again for selling it to me. It is the guitar I'll keep to the end.
  2. thanks brother. not sure what I'm doing wrong....thanks for getting this fine and mellow lovely on the board. 5CAF2261-15F7-4390-B06C-4A89B708CFD8_1_201_a.heic
  3. 2003 SKB https://photos.app.goo.gl/sMJuxVyTehQv9uXu5 https://photos.app.goo.gl/28Y5uVXQ5Sm8mwZb7 Let’s see if this works…I used to know how to post pics no problem!
  4. Thanks! Maybe i have lost my touch i for uploading photos. The pic i posted is not visible to me, is it to you?
  5. 3B90C2A3-724E-429B-B97E-1920B2959B08.heicHi all- I have not been here for a while, so please excuse my absence and just dropping back in out of the blue. It has been a wild ride over the last year and I just got out of the habit of checking in at HOC. I hope the best for how everyone has fared over the last several months since I've been here. Anyway- it is nice to be back. So...I was re-stringing and cleaning up my Super KB today and it got me thinking about HOC, so here I am and here is my Super KB that I've had for about a year now. This guitar plays just like it looks. I did swap out the original HRWs for Lollar Imperial low-wind pickups for warmth, and it now has Thomastik GB14s on it to round out the package.
  6. While I have not played these newer models, I was impressed by the old Fender Cyber Twin a few years back. If you are willing to try solid state, there are a lot of good options as suggested above like Polytone Minibrute and Roland Jazz Chorus. Also if solid state is ok for you- I often use a little Acoustic Image Clarus 2R with a 12" cabinet and it sounds great. Super small and light. Fits easily in a backpack with all my cables, strap, power-strip, Real Book or iPad, etc. With the right cabinet or DI into the PA I love the sound. So simple, portable, reliable, low maintenance and fuss. It has built in delay and reverb to add some richness. Pat Martino plays this amp.
  7. Love my Vintage Sound 20. Princeton based circuit, bigger transformer, 20 watts, great build quality, solid cabinet and at warm 12” speaker. VS makes a “jazz” specific voiced version which is what I have. I’ve posted pics recently in other threads but let me know if you want to see it.
  8. tsp17


    From the album: TSP17

  9. Welcome Jim! You'll find a lot of good folks here. Congratulations on your new Heritage. (sorry to hear about your LP catastrophe, but glad you are here now). What did you get?
  10. Nicely done! post this question as a new topic under the Heritage Guitars section and more people will see it. There are guys in the HOC who can answer your question, and you will receive a nice warm welcome to the club.
  11. Welcome Ollie. Congratulations on this stellar acquisition and your good taste in guitars. Welocome to HOC.
  12. Welcome. You've seen the light. Walk toward the light....
  13. tsp17

    H576 and PRRI

    From the album: TSP17

  14. From the album: TSP17

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2012)

  15. tsp17

    H150 LW - VSB

    From the album: TSP17

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2011)

  16. From the album: TSP17

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2009)

  17. tsp17

    H150 LW - VSB

    From the album: TSP17

    © © Heritage Owners Club (2007-2009)

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