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  1. I am glad you are able to start doing some of the activities you missed with your family and friends. I've enjoyed your blog because I have never played in a band and probably never will at my age and talent level. It gives me the insight of being in one through your eyes. I am glad your mates realize that You were the glue that held it together. Good luck enjoying life and checking out new gear.
  2. I found this on an earlier thread post on this sight. HRWs pickups, Ultra Curly Top and Gold Hardware seem to be the differences. Yours ticks all the boxes. H-150CM Ultra Specs: Neck - 17 degree peghead pitch; one piece mahogany neck. Fingerboard - 24 3/4” scale rosewood cream bound fingerboard with 22 frets, with mother of pearl trapezoid inlays. Body - Single cutaway solid body solid carved ultra curly maple top and solid mahogany back, cream bound. body size: rim thickness - 2” body width - 13” body length – 17 1/4” Electronics - Two gold plated H.R.W. humbucking pickups; two volume and two tone controls with selector switch. Hardware - Gold plated hardware. Color shown -
  3. Welcome aboard Gene. Congratulations on being a Heritage owner. That is a beautiful top on that guitar. Unique! The H-535 is their most versatile platform IMHO. Enjoy
  4. Nice guitar. Congratulations! Have you taken the cavity plate off? Sometimes there is some info there. My vote is V.
  5. Welcome aboard Heinz! You will find this space a great place to discuss the Heritage story. I've been to Germany a few times and love the country and the people. My father's roots trace back to the Sasbachwalden area and my son and I visited the area a few years ago, just beautiful. Enjoy your Heritages!
  6. I flamed out so here is one from Heritage.
  7. I look forward to your tone report. I've been checking them out lately.
  8. Good to hear from you Mark. I think Covid has slowed us all down. I'm sorry and not sorry for you're leaving the band. There is no better reason than to spend more time with your family. I've followed your blog and it certainly was a wild roller coaster ride. Good time to get out. I've never played in a band so I enjoyed your stories on band life. I never got good enough to play in one or had the desire I guess. I play to relax and if I can hit a right note every now and again I'm happy. Cheers
  9. Has a Spruce Top so I have to show the back and sides.
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