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  1. Thanks for that! I notice the "J.E." on the cavity sticker in the serial, and i'm going to assume that's the employee's initials Plausible anyway. I love back stories... I almost bought a custom strat that was made for Rue McClanahan's (Golden Girls, etc.) son. Not just because it was made for him -- it was a beautiful guitar priced right. But the backstory is just something else to talk about when showing off your guitars.
  2. I noticed the pickguard too. Don't see that on these guitars very often. I'm still interested who this was made for? The seller is in Woodland Hills, California (20 miles outside Hollywood) so another link to TV? The answer may only be $1900 away.
  3. Interesting item here, and no relation to me. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Heritage-USA-Custom-H-137-2018-TV-Yellow/233785673970?hash=item366eb648f2:g:Qx8AAOSwl3VftLOh&redirect=mobile Does anybody have a story on this? I'm thinking it's maybe built for an employee... Special serial number of the USS Enterprise, the extra signatures on the label. I was weary about the Brazilian rosewood "leftover from the Gibbons days", but then the other items make it pretty clear there was a lot of special input from the factory. content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot
  4. Only $3999? Wow - a guy could get TWO of the HOC-version instead.
  5. The TV Yellow with black binding is very interesting look. Bolero, is that aged nickel hardware or just the lighting? Either way - looks awesome IMHO.
  6. Congrats. Always nice to stumble upon something you love when you`re not really looking for it.
  7. Very interesting. I like the look of yours more than the one that started all this. I'm sure the black PUs really changed it too. Almost Gilmour black strat, but H150. Nice Job.
  8. The solid white ones usually have black binding I thought. I think Maestro had a white with white/cream binding though. I was just recalling post a few years ago, pre-Plaza. A member was doing a full custom and wanted black binding, but the factory wouldn’t do black. Just wondering out loud...
  9. Oh I didn’t pick it up. Just doing some online drooling.
  10. Just came across this on Sweetwater's site. Nice to see some other colors coming out, and I've had a thing for black translucent for years. Almost picked up one of the original Ernie Ball/MusicMan EVH guitars in trans black (very few made) a number of years ago. Some guy from England apparently came in and scooped it up the same week I was going in...which just made me want it more. 🙂 Interesting they're still not putting black binding on these, or maybe cream is the correct artistic choice here?
  11. Agreed! The base guitar (Prospect, right?) with Bigsy is right up my alley, but then add on the bound board, inlays, bowtie(?) and it becomes amazing to me. Enjoy it for a long time!
  12. Oof... Punch in the gut. I was able to avoid buying this the first time around up to the PSP date. Did not need a resurrection thread tempting me again. Maybe it's time to sell a bunch of lesser/excess gear and get something with a story. I love guitars I can talk about - like most of us here - and a guitar made by Pete is a story in my mind.
  13. Hi all. I finally joined the club after checking it out off & on for a couple years. I'm from Edmonton (western) Canada. Started playing electric guitar when I was in grade school, and the sound still gets me right in the chest - and it's all I need to feel better. Lacking in talent and long hair though... My wife grew up about 2 hours north of Kalamazoo so now I'm a Michigan convert, although I'm 3000 kilometers/1900 miles away. Spent a few weeks in MI this summer for a wedding, but didn't get to tour as Heritage shutdown for first 2 weeks of July. It was on our list though!
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