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  1. Maybe they're on spring break??
  2. TWO Golden Eagles?? I liked you....at first
  3. Neato, I've got a "2019" "Memphis" ES-335 w/P90's on the way and was wondering about the "2019" part, lol. I guess there's a few leftovers, I should have e-mailed them when I was in town. Either way, post some pics when you get'em!
  4. No ****? Huh, I was there two weeks ago on a Saturday and from the outside it looked vacant towards late afternoon and the "tour" section of the website taken down a few months ago. Would love to have gotten a glimpse.
  5. Haven't paid for it yet? So they haven't built it yet or, I'm confused. Either way I hope you get it soon, Memphis closed shop back in November. Would love some pics!
  6. Speaking of weaknesses on guitars, here's two funny/sad stories: #1: My first "jazz box" was a 1962 ES125t I got for $400 in the 90's. On the road trip down to school when I arrived I took it out the case and headstock was broken, never heard it snap or anything. #2: More recently I had '58 ES125t. One day I tried to put flat 13 Chromes on it, I'm tuning up and I straight up see the heel coming up from the body. I put the .11 pyramids back on..no issue. I sell the guitar at a pretty good price but tell the guy what the issue is with the neck heel. A week later, the guitar is at "Carter Vintage" guitars for almost double the price of what I sold it to the hustler for (2100 IIRC). Oof, vintage archtops, watch out, you pay a premium and if you're not lucky you could be paying a premium in repairs a day later!
  7. I can just imagine being the final setup guy tuning the strings when everyone hears the pop. "I didn't do nothin!!!!!! " "Bob, you're fired, you can't keep breaking the guitars" "But....but..." Really, when you think about it, the fact that it's a fraction of the guitars put out there that do break is a testament to the strength of mahogany. It'd be interesting to measure in 3D a half inch of the headstock pivot area it in right around the nut. Say, a thinner neck with .80 C cut right there, take the, uh, radius of the curve, the straight line at the fretboard joint, subtract the cavity cutout & truss nut cutout, I dunno what it'd add up to but it's gotta be pretty small. Good thing we don't build bridges like that! I'm not He-Man but I feel like I could snap the suckers with my bare hand.
  8. On a repaired headstock it's the actual glue line that's stronger but they break right around that glue line all the time, I would know as my SJ100 & '67 'bird both have 2 repairs under their belt. Although, ironic that I mentioned it, the SJ100 did break AT the glue line, it looks like only 1 repair was done, maybe they used weak or not enough glue. But, it is a law of "bigger they are harder they fall" thus you see more breaks with hefty guitars. Speaking of lack of wood...here's another common repair in the Gibson world: SG heel repairs. Lots of vintage SG's (and some new) break at the heel when they topple over as there's not a lot of body wood around the neck joint. Point being, the scarf & glue line doesn't fix the lack of wood issue.
  9. Let me add that if not for headstock breaks and the price decrease when selling a guitar with one....I'd probably not have been able to buy a couple of my favorite guitars!
  10. Eh, I'm gonna have a small quibblin' over this!! I don't think the scarf joint helps much at all, modern Epiphones break like toothpicks all the time and they all tend to have the scarf. You can search ebay "for parts/repair" and you'll usually see a decent crop of headstock snapped Epi's. Thing is, when the guitar is so cheap many don't bother with the repair cost! You're right about the angle increasing the string/tension pressure but then you couple that with the lack of wood right at that pivot..that's the problem. There's a big cutout for the truss nut cavity going up to the nut and add the hole for the rod making the neck blank really just have a tiny bit of wood in it's most sensitive spot, recipe for disaster.
  11. Yeah, TN doesn't charge State income tax but they garnish your wages any chance they get! The miss runs a tiny online business on Etsy, they have a monthly state business sales tax that needs to be filed on time all the time. Most her sales are out of state, well one month she somehow missed something and owed a few bucks (under $50) yet she continued to file with no issues for a year and we were never contacted. Boom, state mind-bogglingly "estimates" she's $1,500+ short and garnished 50% of wages for two pay periods (without ever attempting to resolve the issue via letter/phone/etc) for apparently mis-filing one month, they couldn't even release the hold for the second pay period after contacting them. After re-filing and paying a couple bucks it took about 4-5 months to get the $1500 in wages back. Free loan for them. Guess what happened: the accountant later finds out she didn't mis-file anything and she paid the proper amount for that month. We opened a claim with the state and spent more time than moneys worth it to get the 50 bucks back. Oh, and don't get me started on my "speeding ticket" case, holy **** that was something else. ****ing crooks EVERYWHERE you go. Don't believe the PR campaigns, same spiel different affiliations state to state as cronyism is more common than apple pie. You get had one way or the other and sometimes when you pay a higher this or that..it actually pays off, sometimes not, lol. Sorry for the derailment, lol.
  12. I don't know enough about Memphis...but the Gibson tour/store was one of the few things that kept me stopping there. There's a few cool bars, and Beale st, but damn. I guess it's good for adding jobs on the one hand. That poor town, the people have it bad enough then every time they turn around the higher ups are pulling some **** like that joke "Bass Pro Shops." I hope FedEx didn't stoop that low.
  13. I'd say it's one of the few times people are probably less civil in real life than on the internet. Whatever banter there was here I've seen folks react in person to ownership then sweeping changes (even when it could be for the better) with intense vitriol. The missus manages a large team of people, if they change the most minute of details she'll get phone calls with loud mouthed rants like even I can't believe. I think of forums like I do the bar at about 11pm, there's always haters/hecklers....and even once in a while they have a point. I'm kinda surprised to see people so concerned about it.
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