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  1. deytookerjaabs

    Monster Top and Back H-575 Custom!!!!

    If, say, a little "accident" happened to that headstock I might be able to put in a bid! Extra mojo for me.
  2. deytookerjaabs

    A test of PATIENCE! Rewiring the H535.

    Yeah, I've been stuck with the F-Hole on a number of occasions. I just solder it all up and get each pot in there at the order they'd snug up to in the holes. With the string I also use solid strand wire it ties to to guide it in. First tie the wire to the output jack, guide your wire, pull as far as it will go until the neck tone pot gets to the f-hole then tie it up with the wire going through it's hole, then bridge tone then if you're lucky the last two will practically drop right in, some rags help to protect the finish. Of course, the art to it is tying the wire up so it's not impossible to remove, it's tricky! I don't know about the size/route of the center block around 535 bridge pickups, on some Gibsons there's a lot of room there (varitone or other models) and some there's none. There's enough space in my ES340 I could practically do the whole thing with my fingers alone. Yeah, tubing is standard on the big boxes, also helps keeping your wiring harness more stable if you use it or heat shrink.
  3. deytookerjaabs

    Wow~Times A Changin' + 1988 H150 Content

    Hell yeah, more pics please!
  4. deytookerjaabs

    A test of PATIENCE! Rewiring the H535.

    I've had a lot of luck the past few times doing it the factory way where I'm all wired up then use string to pull the whole harness in. But, the worst time was an Epi Sherton where the F-Hole was bound so we had to file the binding at an inward angle to make a space big enough for full size pots to fit...major pain in the rear.
  5. deytookerjaabs

    Back in the saddle this week: H150 en route

    I'm thinkin' on it, some complications going on in the old music room at the moment though, I might pick up one of those portable digital thingy's with the built in mic for the time being, never owned one but they look nifty.
  6. deytookerjaabs

    Back in the saddle this week: H150 en route

    The UV fade on yours, wow, it's seen some sun, looks great! This guitar arrived a PITA. The setup was such that when I tuned up there was a ton of relief, yet the nut was cut about as low as it could go so I had to fill the slots when I took the relief out, little things like that make me wonder if the seller didn't like the guitar but didn't realize how out of whack it was. Then, there was all this copper tape in the cavity which I don't dig so I peeled that mess out. I also replaced the volume pots and added treble bleeds to the modern wiring then popped an ABR on that I had laying around. Some divine voice told me to removed the covers then I set the heights/poles where I liked it best and yowzer... The decay & sustain is a notch above most lesters I've owned & played, the note attack has that woody thunk to it, these seemingly lower output t-top pickups sound very open and really complete the guitar without adding too much of their own thing, the neck set area has that petite feel where the fretboard doesn't seem too thick if it doesn't actually sink into the top a hair at that so the hands fit around just fine, it was never drilled for a pickguard, neck angle is about as shallow as one should ever set a neck, neck profile is a classic '60 style slim taper soft V, holy moly it's a deep/dense dark chocolate cut of rosewood, it sure doesn't feel heavy to me at 9lbs and in fact has a great balance to it. The guitar just makes you really slow the phrases down as it sounds so wonderful to chill out on a note for a bit as it just rings out and out. Too much good stuff.
  7. deytookerjaabs

    Back in the saddle this week: H150 en route

    The mothership has landed and......it's incredible, no jive, what a guitar.
  8. Yeah, I was just looking for that finish chart on the current website then realized the "models" section was yet to be updated. Glad to have the wayback. I saw there are a couple older catalogs in the member galleries, it'd be cool to make a sticky with high res shots of the catalogs/brochures year by year.
  9. https://web.archive.org/web/20060205163744/http://www.heritageguitar.com:80/home.htm I figured it'd be nice to peruse in case anyone new didn't know specs/info/etc or just a trip down memory lane, these particular captures from '06 or thereabouts which still looked kind of '96-ish. One page I remember scoping out many times: This one is tough to look at, I'd never let those accordions near my instrument: Other notables..the HRW Pickups section and the "Chris Bovard Kahuna" looks flippin' sweet.
  10. deytookerjaabs

    Back in the saddle this week: H150 en route

    Golden Era? I submit we call it the "Wolfe Era" since Jay practically invented the only decent models and was responsible for keeping the company afloat.
  11. deytookerjaabs

    Back in the saddle this week: H150 en route

    I'm excited about those stampers. When I bought my '69 ES340 last year (irreplaceable it is) I was praising how great the bridge pickup sounded, the shop guys said it was an era correct pat sticker pickup like the neck one, though not original. Liars, I bought a cover for it...cover didn't fit, then peeked under the hood to see it was a stamped model, those bastards! Greatest mistake ever
  12. deytookerjaabs

    Back in the saddle this week: H150 en route

    Hasn't arrived yet, no clue about the control cavity, 2005 so short tenon (doesn't bug me in the least), 9.2 lbs the fella says, if it's anything like the majority of older h150's I've played I'll be happy. I was kind of hoping to get a late 80's antique cherry sunburst model to be honest because the one I used to have was wonderful (sold it on ebay more than a decade ago iirc) but I've been watching for some time, money comes money goes, and this one looked good enough for me though I didn't get a deal. Heck, there was one here that was a better price but sold before I got some dough. I also thought about getting a new one since they're "the best ever" but I like the older ones I've played enough to never feel like I was missing anything. I don't think there's a H150 I've picked up that I didn't prefer to the R0 I used have for whatever reason. I've got a little vintage amp I'll be unloading at some point too so there'll be more in the reserve (hopefully) if a cool early build surfaces, that '89 I had was just a beaut. I'd also been going back and forth between putting more $$ down on a new or used Historic, after playing about 15 of them around town I realized I'd probably be just as happy with a Heritage (or getting my old tokai back...but the fella won't sell it!) even though I still would appreciate the aesthetic qualities of the big G. In fact, I took a chance on an Eastman SB59 that was heavily discounted to $750 but it's not quite what I was looking for so it's for sale, lol. Options are nice to have, but they can also be overwhelming, may the UPS man bless that hunk of wood.
  13. Pulled this used 150 off reverb, I hate buying before trying but it is what it is and practically a necessity with Heritage. Watch next week a smokin' deal in Nashville for a used H150 appear from thin air! I liked how it looked but also dig the possibility of the secret sauce: Some patent stampers, thus from my real world experience I'm either in for "oh these have character" or "meh, pretty flat." Speed knobs will be swapped. Fingers crossed, it should arrive this week.
  14. deytookerjaabs

    Monster Top and Back H-575 Custom!!!!

    That's not tarnish or rust, That's mojo.
  15. deytookerjaabs

    Monster Top and Back H-575 Custom!!!!

    ...sigh, reality gets ya every time.