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  1. Right before this shutdown mess hit I got a rejection on the old Tax Return..."You have been claimed as a dependent." WTF. Then, they shut down all paper filing operations until June. I've been on the phone for hours with no recourse, had to send in amended paperwork and all that nonsense but they're saying months from their return to operations date to take care of the paperwork. So, that means I also don't get any stimulus thingy either until lawd knows when..because I'm still someone's effing dependent!
  2. These look so badass along with being a good deal for the coin, again, great job @DetroitBlues
  3. 1. It's not complicated, DIY can but done but that's only if you're hard up for cash and I've been there, uhg. 2. If you're going to sell at any point buyers certainly ask "who did the repair" all the time. So, it's always nice to have a reputable shop/luthier do the repair along with receipts. It's not SE Michigan IIRC but David Collins in Ann Arbor the ****ing man and well known in the trade, at the least having the job done at his shop will look good on paper even though it's an easy fix. And, though it's simple on the surface a great shop will make sure your axis at all points are tight with a multi-clamp jig versus the old bar clamp in the basement job so the seams will be crazy small/tight.
  4. Nice! As for a young-un's road trip energy, I dunno about that, he'll learn. I can recall one night hanging out late night around 2am back in Chicago my friend says "Hey, my boy Matt's sister has some cute friends and said we should come out some time." "Yeah? Where's he at?" "San Diego" "I'm down" about a day + and 30 red bulls later we were having a good good time. Also probably part of the reason my heart does that little oohmph thing these days!
  5. Ah, I see what you're saying. I thought you meant it in regards to the design of the guitars. Nah. This is a pattern by Gibbons. They went after Kiesel too, a totally different market/design and ownership as well as being another small builder in America. They continued the lawsuit against Dean guitars too, to which as of last summer Dean has filed to have some of Gibbons's USA trademarks cancelled altogether (which has happened in the EU as of last fall) so keep your eyes peeled. We also don't know who else they're going after if people have signed agreements etc. Behind the scenes, in the Heritage filing and the Dean filing there's some good dirt. Gibbons telling Heritage they'll "outspend them in legal fees" or Gibbons calling every Dean dealer personally threatening to sue the dealers for stocking the guitars etc.... I mean, anyone who has been to the Heritage plant in the past year or two knows they're not poised to in any way to take over market share in the guitar world! As for "son of billionaire" well last time I looked up the info Bandlab as a whole didn't have 1% of KKR's (private equity owners of Gibbons's debt) annual revenue. When Gibbons sends letters to a guy like Bartlett or Yaron etc no one complains, Gibbons is trying to loosely apply trademark to anything with humbuckers & 4 knobs in the past decades.
  6. What new Heritage guitars?
  7. Yeah, they had at least one of the 535's that looked real nice (but I was LP shopping) IIRC. I miss being a few blocks from that place, or maybe I don't, lol.
  8. I think I've posted this same comment before but... When I went to get an R8 from CME sometime back last summer there was one of the aged H-150's that the sales guy was holding. He let me play it and it was awesome, I said I think I'll take it then he tells me that it was already sold! It was the last one they had at the time. Good choice.
  9. Back the trademark lawsuit stuff. Gibbons's largest export market is Japan and has been for decades since Japan turned their economy around enough for regular folk to be able to afford Gibbons imports. Gibbons has zero trademark in Japan's domestic guitar building market. Think about that. Thus, why you see companies like Martin still doing incredibly well despite all the clones. Same goes for many other examples. This IP enforcement beyond patents into trademark law in the guitar industry is really just using the threat of legal fees to either extort cash flow from other builders or scare them into bankruptcy hoping to gain .1% market share by making the market around them smaller. I expect IP Trolling from Microsoft, not from folks in the guitar business, we should be better.
  10. If you're 60 or over, stay the heck away for the time being. If you're under 60, social distancing appears to be paramount, 6 foot minimum no joke. You can probably get away with working in a bigger facility like Heritage seeing as there's not people piled on top of each other and everyone tends to have their own station etc. And even then, if you get it and are relatively young in decent shape you might not even know. There's a lot of bad info out there of people, even experts, saying this thing spreads like a cold. It doesn't it spreads like a bad flu and all the science/data so far shows it's been spreading in many ways by breath alone well before symptoms set in. So, coughing into your sleeve and a sanitary wipe won't mitigate it to a degree we'd hope for. I'm hopeful most folks will take the right precautions.
  11. I did before this, lol! I did sell it though and it was bought damn near cost. I would have thought after the PRS thing Gibbons would stick to actual counterfeiters and old-fashioned IP Protection. But, we all know business isn't always pretty, this culture of management with ZERO principles grosses me out. Gibbons is going after companies now that ran their guitar designs through Gibbons first for approval!! Less respect than the Mafia.
  12. I've been trying to figure out what is worse. Gibbons feigning "IP Protection" in order to slowly penalize other guitar companies following the rules. Or, the fact that people actually believe Gibbons is doing this out of concern for their IP. It's quite clear that vibe we all got from the "Play Authentic" video was 100% spot on, foul play under the guise of self-preservation.
  13. Guitars that violate Gibson's IP according to Gibson's legal team.....let's take one example Any set neck single cut w/buckers at this point. Even though Gibson lost the suit to PRS they've claimed ceast/desist or lawsuit now to: Kiesel CS6 California Single, PRS 594, Dean Thoroughbread, and now our beloved Heritage H-150. We don't know who else they sent letters to and thankfully Heritage has gone public with this BS, good on them! +1000, lol See a pattern? The Suhr Aura, Collings City Limits, Ibanez Art, Schecter Solo and so many others above all look more like each other than they do like a Les Paul. This isn't like going after a specific shape that can be proven beyond a doubt this is straight up going after everyone in order to intimidate. It's beyond disgusting, IMO. Not just Heritage fans, everyone who likes variety in the market place should be against Gibson's IP practices as all these companies have changed the bodies/headstock to play by the rules. If I had 2K right now there'd be a Heritage on a FedEx truck headed to Nashville.
  14. Sir, we have a problem! What's that?? Sir, it's our full of **** meter, it's in the red and it's about to blow!!
  15. Here is the Gibson CEO, from the article: The first PR move Gibson made after the takeover was the "Play Authentic" video threatening pretty much everyone and anyone!!! This is a masterclass in how you can talk out your mouth and your *** at the exact same time..while sleeping just fine at night, I guess the money soothes the soul.
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