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  1. notbillgelder

    Heritage Little One

    When I bought the little one from Jack Baruth a couple of years ago it had this Little one news letter in it.
  2. notbillgelder

    Heritage Little One

    Here is mine, "Carly" #019
  3. notbillgelder

    DB II and a 535

    When I saw the topic I thought is was about Josh's son.
  4. notbillgelder

    Pete Farmer!!!!!

    That picture was photoshopped. In the original photo it was a Moderne and right-handed
  5. notbillgelder

    Pete Farmer!!!!!

  6. notbillgelder

    Pete Farmer!!!!!

    I can't say enough nice things about Pete. He is one of a kind!
  7. notbillgelder

    Best amp ever

    Well Hello Dolly
  8. notbillgelder

    Best amp ever

    Are we talking about what amp we own, or what one we want? The best amp I own is a '67 Fender Princeton non-reverb. Though I did just get one that will take the top spot very soon. Amps I would like to own; Soldano slo 50, matchless chieftain, Sonic Machine Factory 35, Carr Rambler and that loud killer sounding amp that Greg owns.
  9. notbillgelder

    Delay suggestions?

    My two favorite delays are MXR carbon copy, and the Wampler faux tape echo. I use the MXR for short slap back delays, and the Wampler for long spacey stuff.
  10. notbillgelder

    Custom Creations From Heritage

    PSP 2013
  11. notbillgelder

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Hey Daniel, I am glad you have returned from the shadows. Your insight and knowledge has be sorely missed on this forum.
  12. notbillgelder

    Change at Heritage Guitar

  13. notbillgelder

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Meng Ru Kuok, CEO and co-founder of BandLab.
  14. notbillgelder

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    I don't know why, or what the reasoning is, I only know a lot of my friends are out of a job.
  15. notbillgelder

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    I talk to people on the inside. They let all the old "Heritage" guitar builder go. Very sad day indeed.