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  1. I never really know what to say in these circumstances. Like I told a friend just a few days ago, "Seems the older we get, the more people we know pass away." It's sobering, in a sense, but also unavoidable. Not something to fear as it's the normal progression. Yet, still can be saddening. Ron, I've only known you since we first met at PSP I, which simultaneously seems like yesterday and not so long ago. I never met Jim, as far as I recall, but if he was anything like you, the world is diminished by his passing. It probably won't ease your burden much, but your note has prompted me, again, to pause and consider the lights that have been extinguished in my own small sphere, as well as the ones who still burn brightly. I sympathize with your loss and if there were anything I could to lighten your load, or brighten your day, know that I would give it my best effort. Hang in there, buddy. All the best to you, Jim's family and his other friends.
  2. Rick Allen is a great guy. Didn't know him terribly well, personally, but I did spend a lot of time and money in his shop. He had a Hamer TLE in there one time, very reasonably priced. I had no idea what it was, so I joined and posted a question on the Hamer forum. Got really good information from them; learned the Hamer Sustainblock bridge was desirable. Went back to buy it the next day and Rick says, "Oh, sorry. Kind of weird but someone from out of state called this morning and bought it."
  3. My first Heritage was a first-run H-137. The TRC is engraved wtih "Hornet" for some reason. I used to make up stories about it to amuse my sons. Still have it, hasn't been out of the case in years. Bought it just before joining the HOC.
  4. That was enjoyable. Neat to see a bassist playing a Kubicki Factor, as well. Always wanted one of those in Pepto Pink.
  5. Nobody was supposed to know a certain retired English professor possessed of a split personality clandestinely controlled this account as an outlet for his more crude impulses. All these years everyone thought it was someone else entirely. Someone whose impulses were all, and exclusively, crude. Or worse. The jig is up. You've outed myself!
  6. I had the exact same thought. Then I wondered if he left his over-the-calf tube socks on.
  7. Long before there was a HOC, I went through a Brentston-esque phase of buying and selling guitars. And I mean a lot of guitars (hence Brentston-esque). I bought a shit ton few (hi, hon!) keyboards with just the profits I made flipping guitars. When one of our younger sons was still in a crib, my wife was complaining to me she couldn't manage to put the mattress down lower and said son was able to climb out of his gayly painted prison. She eventually realized the issue wasn't the construction of the crib, but the guitar cases I had hidden under it (and forgotten about) that were preventing the desired operation from succeeding. This led to a less-than-fun discussion, but I digress. Across all of those guitars that passed through my hands, not once did I ever think, "boy, this thing sure is heavy!" or "wow, this sounds fantastic for how light it is!" The ones I gelled with (I suppose some might say "bonded with") stuck around. The ones that didn't, well, I flipped them to fund other guitars (and keyboards and fun stuff). There are a few guitars I moved on that I wish I had back (<cough>Tonesucker(tm)</cough>) and a few that I foolishly moved out that I did get back (most famously, a Hamer Studio FM wrap-tail that...well, never mind, long story). At no time, however, did weight alone ever figure in to the calculus. I am sometimes amused when I read posts--here and elsewhere--of people saying "I absolutely will not consider a guitar that weighs more than <x> pounds!" What if it was the sonic equivalent of the second coming of <insert your own personal messiah here>? You wouldn't at least ponder the possibility? What if it also had a neck to die for? Still no? Fretwork that was sublime? Not worth considering, eh? An oddity in the wiring that allowed you to get exactly *that* tone you hear in your head? Nope, weighs too much, hard pass, I guess. The way I view it, any particular guitar should be evaluated as the sum total of the parts (or metrics), not on any one factor alone. But, well, that's me. And I'm a little odd. So, there's that.
  8. Telecasters truly are the Swiss Army knife of guitars. Used for everything from blues to jazz to reggae to rock 'n roll to pop to country to you name it. That Tokai is a real looker, too. Good luck with the band and gigs! I <3 gig reports, so I'm hoping you post a few.
  9. I laughed at the punch line. Sucked me in on that one! Glad you had a good time. It is amusing to hear my sons and their friends talk about songs that have been re-released as covers as if they're the original. I can't imagine playing in a band with that sort of disconnect.
  10. Welcome to the Club! Good luck with your search for a lefty 535/55; hope you score The One. Where in WV are you from? When we head down that way, we try to plan things so we can hit Tricky Fish in Charleston for a late lunch/early dinner; fun little joint.
  11. I've always told my boys, "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."
  12. Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. -H. L. Mencken

  13. Wow, I've really been slacking in the "welcoming new members" department. So, to all of you...Welcome to The Club! And, the obligatory:
  14. Wow, looks like I've missed a fair few new members! Welcome to the Club, everyone! Some great looking guitars posted here (as always)...that H-357 is uber-cool. I'm excited to see another H-160V..you have the twin to mine Buzzel. Well, paternal twins, as your single coils look different than the stock Schallers in mine.
  15. Dang...a lot of new members here! I've really been slacking off in keeping up with this thread. So... To all the new members...Welcome to The Club! Speaking of the growing membership base, when I was talking to Ren this afternoon, he was surprised that we were up around 1400 members already. The guys and gals at the factory sure think highly of you folks!
  16. It looks like one that Brentrocks used to have. Then again, which Heritage doesn't? Ba-dum-bum.....crash! Thank you! I'll be here all week!!
  17. Welcome to the Club, BLS! I'm a Michigander (transplanted Golden Gopher, tho) myself; there are more than a couple of us here. That's a great looking guitar; looks familiar...did you buy it from a member here?
  18. A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig HOC welcome to Fred and Bill! I wouldn't worry about the warn meter. As far as I know, nobody has ever been suspended or banned (outside of spammers) from this joint. And if anyone should be, it's me. Bill...I'm about an hour northwest of you, in Midland. There are a few Michiganders here, as you might imagine. Didn't know about the Blues thing in Lansing. I'll have to see if I can swing down there!
  19. Welcome to the Club, all ye newcomers! I really need to keep up. :\
  20. Welcome to the Club to all the newcomers I've missed. Looks like Brentster has answered your question with his usual aplomb, english. Good luck with the hunt!
  21. Holy schnikes...that is a beautiful top. Welcome to the Club!
  22. I think the only requirement is you have to be able to negotiate the registration and validation maze (hint: always keep your right hand on the wall!). HAHAHA. Welcome to the Club!
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