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  1. This is why I lost the vibes with Gibbons . They have so many models and price points it’s like hey . I just want a quality guitar . Introduction model, regular model , custom shop model and this one offers the good case with the new pickups . What brought me to heritage is that it was the old Gibbons factory was bought by the workers and they forged on making one at a time hand made guitars. But know seems like if you want a good heritage you gotta spend 3,8000$. Sorry but they don’t hold there value .kind of a bummer .
  2. So I’m not crazy ? I’m sure seeing one in person is different than pictures.
  3. And ,, heck ya it looks killer !!! Congratulations 🎊
  4. Hello . I’m sure I’ll get crucified but , to me the Antiquing process looks painted on . I’m sure it’s just me but every time I see one , I looks weird . Maybe it’s just me?
  5. Had one a year ago , but it was a cherry sunburst . I love this color almond burst? . I would like to find one . Peace
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