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Heritage CC H150 and Gibson R8 direct comparison


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I just did a direct comparison of a CC H150 and a 2014 R8 the last couple days.

The CC H150 had basically identical sound to the R8. This R8 is a good example of the 2013/2014 years which most agree were good years.

The only difference in tone is ever so slightly more output from the Custombucker pickups which read out at 8.18 and 7.96 from the input jack.
The pickups on the CC H150 read out at less at 7.70 and 7.67 which is just enough to be noticeable.

The Custombuckers in the R8 had slightly more winds and output than the similar A3 magnet 225 Heritage pickups.

When I adjust the amp output one notch to even out the dBs they sound identical.

I mean dead nuts on. No way you could tell the difference in a blindfold test.

I used a Bassman and Deluxe Reverb amp presets so no heavy overdrive so I could hear the guitar tone better.

Maybe a hair more brightness or rawness on the R8 bridge.
Both have nice woody tone and good low end on neck.

This R8 is slightly heavy at 9lbs 4oz but that does not seem to make any real noticeable difference in grunt.
The CC H150 is 8 lbs 4oz.

The necks were very close - the R8 is 1.006 at 12th fret and the CC H 150 is .986 at the 12th.

I guess no huge surprise as the same guy (Edwin Wilson) designed both of these guitars, but how close they were (at least with these examples of the models)
was remarkable.



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1 hour ago, DetroitBlues said:

You'll NEVER find that comparison in the wild.  Gibson gives too much to social media influencers to allow such an assessment to be made. Glad you did it and had a honest review.  

This is my second CC H150. I have had over 15 Gibson Les Paul historics.

The CC H150 is a very very nice guitar.

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I compared my favorite Les Paul custom shop '57 GT RI to my standard Heritage 150 with ThroBak SLE 101s.

I traded the gold top for a 535. Win/win.

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