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  1. Well, this mystery has been solved, and the answer was right back here! It was indeed refinished. I asked Wolfe, and they were unable to find it in their records, but they did interpret the label as: 2007 H150 "LW" means weight relieved body "CM" = Curly Maple arched top "Black w/ Natural back/rims" Pretty rare one. I searched around to see what those black and tans look like, and that brought me to the refin convo above Thanks!
  2. Thanks all! I have a question out to Wolfe's shop. Based on what I'm hearing, my bet is on a refin. I'll follow up here when I hear.
  3. I'm considering buying a 2007 H-150 LW, but the label information is a bit iffy. It's a gold top, but the label seems to say that it was black... perhaps I'm misinterpreting it. The serial number on the label matches that of the guitar, and the guitar is only 8 lbs so it's definitely an LW / lightweight. What say you, Heritage sages? Many thanks!
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