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  1. Sounds like you might AAS - amp acquisition syndrome! It's a terrible disease with only one cure - buy more amps!!
  2. I can't imagine spending more $800 - $900 on this guitar. I've seen H140 for $1,200- $1,300. Take off 1/3 for the neck repair (which was not refinished properly IMHO).
  3. On Saturday, July 29th, I will be having a "small gathering" of people from the Dr. Z Amp Forum at my place to try out some of his new gear that will be coming out as well as the rest of his line-up. I have "several" Dr. Z Amps here in the Ann Arbor "MuZeum" (Don't laugh Steiner at the word several)! And Dr. Z himself (Mike Zaite) will be trekking up here from Cleveland to introduce his newest products. If you've ever wondered what all the talk about Z amps is, here is your chance to try some out. Guys like Brad Paisley, Steve Miller, Joe Walsh, and John Fogerty can't all be wrong about the Z product line. Here's a pic that will give you an idea of the type of Zs that will be available to try out. If you're interested in attending just drop me a note and I'll send you the address and other particulars.
  4. I've met Buddy a number of times. He played at a Windsor International Blues Festival and I loaned him my Maz 38 (silver head behind him in picture). He is a fantastic human being as well as a great guitar player! John Mayall once called him "the greatest Bluesbreaker" which would put him a rarified group of guitarists (Mick Taylor, Walter Trout, Clapton, Coco Montoya, Peter Green)
  5. My divided by 13 FTR19/37 is my favorite amp My best sounding amp is a Dr. Z Prescription followed closely by my Dr. Z Stingray (#001) previously owned by Brad Paisley
  6. Great story Mike - and a fantastic looking guitar! Welcome to the HOC!
  7. Hello everyone - new to the Forum. I've picked up two Heritages both from Brent (thanks Brent!) - an H170 and an H150CM Oh yea, here's my man cave - a bit of a Dr. Z Fan
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