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  1. As to replacing the wiring harness, these guys do good work and are accommodating to custom orders. https://920dcustom.com/collections/prewired-components
  2. Looks like as the stores closed some of them took their inventory offline and some didn't. There are still a few stragglers, but just about all of them have done it by now. Evidently Fairview Heights, IL is a little slow on the uptake.
  3. I tried various ways of looking and can still only find one used. Several new, though, and plenty of other used guitars. Could very well be user error, though. I figure they're closed here, too, PK. Might have something to do with it. Seems to be specific to Heritage, though.
  4. Several days ago there were probably 8-10 used Heritage guitars on GC. A day later there were 2. A few days ago (and now), 1. A run on used Heritage guitars? What's up?
  5. I have a look at this forum every day. An introduction is overdue. My name is really Rod. Perhaps if I come up with a more imaginative username the moderators will let me change it. (?) About a year ago I asked the luthier I use to recommend a Les Paul style guitar brand/builder for a guitar that I envisioned would become an heirloom. He said he'd recommend Heritage and Collings over Gibson. That when I came to this forum for the first time. You guys tell a pretty compelling story. Your passion for Heritage guitars is contagious. I think it was only about a week or so later that I bought my first off Ebay. An '87 model 170 that was excellent in every way. I've been a Heritage fan ever since! My next was a 150 Ultra with HRW's, then a 157 Black Beauty that now has Seth Lovers (something else I learned of from this forum). In between my other two acquisitions I sold the 170 to someone who has also become a Heritage fan and who has since acquired another Heritage (that I wish I'd gotten!). I'm a very active follower of the forum. My thanks to whoever it is who is responsible. I'll be an infrequent contributor. Fact is, you guy's knowledge and skill surpasses mine. I'm here to learn and find my next Heritage.
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