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  1. Nice score! I’d swap the gold hardware too.
  2. What's the weight like on that one? I'd bet that a Maple body would make it a bit weighty.
  3. I dig it. In my early days of playing, I had a Hondo II Rhoads V copy that had a Flyer trem. IIRC it worked “okay”. I’d rock that one.
  4. You most likely will have to make new holes for the guard. You could contact MojoAxe as he makes “G” style guards that will fit Heritage. Poker chip will go right on of course.
  5. Unfortunately, there’s a bit more to it than just the basic “Supply & Demand” aspect.
  6. A Forstner bit is what I’ve used on a few occasions to get the long legged pickups to mount in the Schaller-era Heritage guitars. Makes a nice clean circle.
  7. Looks like “Mojo Sprinkles” to me!
  8. Oddly enough, there are some folks who like chaos. 🤨
  9. I believe I was the one who purchased it from you. However, it’s no longer in my possession.
  10. I believe Brent could easily have purchased 3 guitars in the time it took you to type that. And it’s likely he did!
  11. As far as LP style guitars are concerned, I stick with those under 9.5 lbs. Nerve issues in my shoulder and neck make playing anything heavier for an extended period of time too much of a pain. With that being said, most all the best sounding LP style guitars that I’ve owned have been the heavier ones. Just can’t swing em’ anymore.
  12. While I’ve never attempted it myself, I’ve considered using a nut/saddle file to file small notches beneath the offending strings. Usually this isn’t an issue on an ABR-1 style bridge, which makes me wonder why “H” didn’t go with an ABR style bridge on the CCs?!
  13. Wolfe Guitars located in Jupiter, FL is pretty much the highest regarded dealer. I’ve never purchased from him myself, but I did sell him an H-157 a year or so ago.
  14. They’re now under new ownership, and it’s definitely a more “corporate” setting. I (being nostalgic) preferred the way things were, but, continuing in that fashion they would most likely would have folded. They have gotten a lot more organized, and their initial quality is improved. It’s really quite different, but they still build great guitars, so that’s a win.
  15. I certainly wouldn’t count 8lbs 1oz a light bowel movement! Lay off the beef for Petes sake!!!
  16. Are you able to crank the tailpiece down without the strings touching the back of the bridge? That’s always been my biggest gripe with Heritage, as I can’t stand top wrapping. Don’t care for the look or feel. But that CC is a sharp looker nonetheless. HNCCD!
  17. I love amps, just am not in a situation to where I need (or can enjoy) a cranked tube amp. Fortunately, some of the newer modeling amps can sound quite respectable at very low volumes. I also have a 1w Marshall head that sounds pretty good at low volumes too.
  18. “When a guitar reaches a certain age they begin to develop”… 😳
  19. Can’t really tell for sure if that is a mineral streak or not.
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