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  1. Thanks. I'm not sure how you get it to post the video to appear right in the post!
  2. I made a quick iPhone video of the schaller neck pickup tone in this guitar just noodling on a blues. Please ignore constipation guitar face! 😂 not sure why I stopped on the iv chord. Thought it was getting too long to upload I guess. https://youtu.be/eepkiTE_IbA
  3. The schallers sound good playing clean jazz tone. Quite exceptional actually. But once you start overdriving an amp, not so good. I have a Seth for the neck. But I need to get something for the bridge. Maybe another Seth? Awesome playing guitar though
  4. Who knows, they might sound glorious on the right slab of wood!
  5. Thanks again for the responses. I was planning to take it to someone to do the magnets swaps for me. So are we saying a good guitar tech might also have a hard time getting the right A2 magnet fir it?
  6. If I want to swap an alnico II into my schaller's where do I buy the magnets? Do they have to be specific to these pickups or any standard humbucker A2 mag will fit? Sorry, kinda moron question Lol
  7. I have a Seth that came out of the neck of my Guild x-150 (profile pic). Would that pair well or horrendous if I left the other Schaller in the bridge position? Always trying to save a buck! Lol
  8. That sure looks like mine. I got it off of Reverb from Wolfe but it already had the Schaller's. Don't get me wrong, it is a fantastic player in my opinion. I've just been wanting a 535 for a long time as well...
  9. Yeah, I've thought about the Lollar's. Pretty pricey but probably worth it. I'm also considering testing the waters on trading her for a nice H-535! Please talk me out of it!
  10. Thanks tsp17 I think I will not mess around with that! I may pull them out and put some Duncan's in there.
  11. thanks for the replies. I've heard a lot about mag swaps with pickups. Is there solding involved with changing magnet?
  12. Pickup question. Does anybody know of improvements to make the schaller's sound a little sweeter and warmer? Especially when adding even slight breakup/overdrive. I've experimented with height adjustment but nothing else. They sound great on the neck pup totally clean but there is a small window of greatness. I'd rather not hassle with buying other pickups but I may have to. The guitar is H-516, a really awesome player IMO. Thanks
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