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  1. I had been watching for Heritage hollow body guitars for quite a while. Jay Wolfe had the 516 on reverb for a while and I kept going back to it. Finally I just decided to get it. Strings were pretty dead and twangy. They felt like 11's. I just put D'addario half rounds 12-52 and now she sings. My first experience with Schaller pickups and I'm really digging them!
  2. Thanks. Yeah the Guild is a great axe too. The pickup is a big single coil by Vintage Vibe.
  3. Well, I’m officially an Heritage guitar owner now!
  4. Yeah, he's fantastic! I've been watching a Millennium Ultra on reverb that looks pretty cool. It has Lollar Imperials in it.
  5. Thanks. Just curious. I was watching a video of Wolfgang Muthspiel playing what I think is the Millennium Eagle. I thought the body looked a little larger than the other models but it appears they are the same. His clean tone is so good! Interesting guitars.
  6. This might be a dumb question but is there a difference in body size of these two models?
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