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    Hi, My name is Greg Connor.

    I like writing songs and playing nice guitars.

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  1. Thanks guys, I’m up to speed now. I’m glad I have a couple of Heritage guitars already!
  2. Sorry for being uninformed. I saw that the building on Parsons Street was sold to a developer. Is Heritage going to continue to build guitars there? If not, what is the plan?
  3. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the Heritage Owner's Club. The guitars here are absolutely beautiful.

  4. Connor

    Hi Tim,

    We have a lot in common. I noticed that we both have a Fender Blues Junior, of course a H-550, and this morning I realized that you are a sailor, and you write your own music.

    Well done! I spent the summer sailing, 44 times, on the bay and in Lake Superior last summer. It's a great life!

  5. Connor

    H575 & H550

    What a beautiful pair of guitars!
  6. Connor

    '02 H575 CNSB

    Nice looking guitar Ron!
  7. Hi Teeky, Thanks for the comment.

    You can find Roger Harris on EZFolk.com

    Here is his email


  8. Hi Greg,

    I loved your Hopes & Dreams composition and the presentation was very professional.

    You say this was in response to a challenge from Roger Harris of England. I first started playing guitar with a Roger Harris about 45 years ago but we lost touch. Could it be the same guy? Do you have any contact details for him?

    All the best,

    Teeky (Trevor)

  9. Connor

    gear group

    Wow! You have good taste Randy!
  10. Connor

    Connor - Greg Connor

    Heritage H 155 with HRW Pickups And Heritage H 550 with '59 Humbuckers
  11. This is a beautiful guitar too! I'll bet it's fun to play.
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