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  1. A beautifully executed instrument. The back is very unique in that the center is on the quartered grain revealing flame figure, but it immediately transitions to flatsawn orientated grain displaying a lovey quilted figure.
  2. The consistency of quality really is way up now. I too have some vintage Heritage archtops, which are amongst my favorite ones I own. The crooked tuners drives me crazy because it's so easy to avoid. Most of the old headstocks were off center, giving a slight broken nose effect.
  3. That model Kahler actual worked well with a proper set up.
  4. Heavens to Mergatroyd! My favorite sounding (plugged in) Heritage eagles have have the X bracing with routed humbuckers. I also dig the 1.75" nut. I'll bet that one sounds nice. Looks like a beautifully executed build.
  5. Nice one. J.P. was very kind and fun to visit with.
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