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  1. Skydog. That is yummie. Hog agree you should talk with MM he has some nice guitars for sale. You should also look at Throbak PUP's. Pete is great to work with and has decades of experience.
  2. Nice! Thinking about selling my Millie for one of these.
  3. Send it back to Heritage and have them put a new neck on it..I could never live with a repair..
  4. To DB. I apologize. It is always great to create memories with family and friends glad you had a good time. To GF. We are both long time members of the HOC. It has always been an understanding that this was a safe place, that no politics or religion is discussed. People have strong opinions about both. However, I believe you crossed that line either overtly or covertly, intentionally or unintentionally. Just pointing it out. Sorry if you took offense. I too will not make any further comments in this post. Wishing you a great day.
  5. Thank for the smile.
  6. That is awesome. I'm a Tele guy.
  7. I saw him play with Tommy Castro in Kalamazoo. He played a 137 which he had purchased earlier in the day after his first visit to Heritage.
  8. Yes rare earth .. getting old.
  9. Andy Merrild still alive and well.
  10. The bass player for is band is a rock legend. Jake is a great player, hard way to make a living playing the blues when you haven't lived it. Wish he would find his own road.
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