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  1. Depends on condition. Private sale $1800. Retail sale $2000. This is best guess. Guitar sales are soft right now, so you might be able to score it for less if it has been for sale awhile.
  2. You should be in contact with Aaron's Music Store in Vicksburg, MI. I visited with Aaron several times when he was still with us. Here built all the Mandolines for Heritage. He had in his records all the Serial Numbers on how many of each was produced, jigs and scale drawings of each model. Look forward to all your updates. StephenK
  3. Keepin' them straight in Marshall?

  4. Thank you posting the article. Ren is a blessing of a man. He and his group w/Rich Roe visit shut ins and nursing homes weekly bring people the joy of live music.
  5. Pete Farmer is aces. One of the best. The Heritage Guitars built today are indeed fine instrument. Just not the same same to me.
  6. In the Golden Era I remember 20 or less guitars a week. I lost my spark for Heritage when guitar production was moved to the new facility. I knew all good things would come to an end someday that is why I enjoyed visiting the factory and friends at Heritage from 1993 until 2017. I agree the sale to Plaza was about Real Estate and the buy in by Bandlab about the experience (Theme Park). I will not go into how the sale eventually screwed all the long time small dealers that enthusiastically supported the brand for years. I would only consider buying a Golden Era guitars. I love the feel and quirks.
  7. I love my Millie. If you are considering a purchase, MM is the man to buy one from. He only ordered Millie's with special upgrades and he is a first class member and person.
  8. Estevote, welcome. You purchased a great guitar for jazz. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it next month. Peace, Stephen
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