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  1. StephenK

    Roy Clark & other early Heritage Endorsers

    What a great talent. RIP
  2. StephenK

    Roy Clark & other early Heritage Endorsers

    Thank you, Jay. Enjoyed learning about the early artists. Do you know the back story on Alvin Lee? Never have seen any of his model 535 for sale always wondered how many where made.
  3. StephenK

    Mr. Bill Paige Retires

    Wishing you all the best!
  4. StephenK

    Heritage Website

    They are young assemblers (tops on bottoms) not builder craftmen.
  5. StephenK

    I'm New Here But Happy To Be Here

  6. StephenK

    Monster Top and Back H-575 Custom!!!!

  7. StephenK

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Last item. Heritage currently does not have anyone trained to hand roll necks. I suspect that will now be done by machine.
  8. StephenK

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Got to see several of the folks from Heritage and Former Heritage employees. today. Learned that Edwin was brought in to head the new Harmony Guitar project and will not be involved with Heritage for now. Heritage will not be moving back into the old space, Harmony Guitar will be occupying that space. Ren and the Green Valley Boys dedicated there show to all the former employees that where let go last week. Curley had been relieved of doing binding work several months ago and had been cleaning the air filtration system and shoving snow. He look shell shocked. He is going to pursue his decoy making and folk art. He needs help with technology and setting web page and such. If someone has his contact info please PM it to me. I will share with anybody that is will to lend him a hand. PM me. My wife was speaking with him today because she too is an artist and will help him find area shows but we forgot to get that from him. Arnie and sons are starting up a guitar company called Embers and hope to have 2-3 prototypes built for this summers HOC get together if that is happening. I was told BS on not having insurance. One last thing Edwin looked at the pile of guitar to be destroyed and said they had some minor tweaks to make them great instruments and that the QC was being to picky. Take that for what it is. That's all I can remember to share with the gang. Peace... PS Bill looks like he is enjoying semi-retirement he has grown a shaggy beard and was very laid back.
  9. StephenK

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Right on brother MM!
  10. StephenK

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Throbak, lean takes the personality out of the instrument. They can get super lean, efficient and improve quality by adding a CNC. I think we'll see that in the next few years too.
  11. StephenK

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    All good things have to come to an end. I sensed it two years ago with the last HOC get together in the old factory. So glad my daughter got to see and breath it. She loved re meeting the old gang. Her last visit there was in 1997 on my shoulders. I have been visiting heritage since 1993 . Last year's get together was corporate and sterile. I too was downsized when I was 52 not only does it create a financial hardships it does something to you mentally. You are all in my prayers.. so glad we where part of the golden years at Heritage. Hope we can get together this year party, tell tall tales, laugh and enjoy friendship our way. Peace
  12. StephenK

    Special Invitation To New Members

    LeftyLP, Welcome!
  13. StephenK

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Estevote, welcome. You purchased a great guitar for jazz. Looking forward to seeing pictures of it next month. Peace, Stephen
  14. StephenK

    Special Invitation To New Members

    Johnj, welcome to the HOC. Stephen