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  1. The one I delivered in Budapest. Crappy photo in Vintage Orange
  2. Heres my Crappy Photos of my 2k custom Eagle Millie
  3. I sold the exact same guitar to a guy in Budapest... He was a big Muthspiel fan.
  4. the 14 yr old options brochure... In a nutshell Plaza did not want to deviate from a base product with standardized construction costs and the New Guy want a premium for anything outside the box! They actually have to have a corporate conference to agree to anything custom from what I understand.
  5. Yes she had Duncan 59s, and a twin in Trans Green with Gold Harware (that I returned). Yes Rich Butler the dealer had ties to Ren, and was very upstanding... Last I heard he moved to Florida!
  6. That one almost made its way to Vegas. Original dealer was String Collector.
  7. I would say HRW with new toggle tip. I don't ever remember seeing Shaller in the Millie series. Is that the one from GC from a few months ago... That had HRWs it was on the build sheet inside the F hole.
  8. Grover 502 series with tulip keys
  9. I had a Brand new one blocks/Rosewood disappear/stolen at the factory during the cleanup when Plaza took over... Those Serials don't match but I keep my eyes open for her! The factory did make it right with me... I loved those good ol' boys of the Golden Era!
  10. I am a little off my game with COVID. I should have stated more accurately. "Many Players who can't" I also have a certain taste in pickups(Rough cast A2, slightly overwound) with tube amps and closed back low watt speakers We all know you can make anything sound great.
  11. There are many out there with a plethora of reasons why their guitar will never sound good no matter what pup is loaded in. They are just F'n pups!
  12. YOU ROCK!  Glad to see you are back!

  13. There are a few facts that you briefly bounced over in your amazing note. You live in Detroit, nearly 2 hours away from the gathering... quite the task and the results were a complete success. Also when you originally started discussing the possibility of attempting to continue on the Festivities there was a divided reaction, some like me were solidly behind you and others expressing negative feedback... You still moved forward(Your letter explains your motives excellently). I will be there next year, look forward to seeing my friends that share in our passions! Good Job! Not that you got paid...
  14. That's awesome, SSB is my fav color too. I am happy we have another in the Vegas fold!
  15. MMMMMmmmm... Back for seconds!!! Yummie
  16. Jim's the man!! Cant wait till I see him next summer
  17. I absolutely love this picture, very classy! 10+
  18. Millennium Maestro's
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