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  1. If it's an Ultra surely it should have HRW pickups,with a black dot on top of the selector switch, and twin adjustment screws on each side of the pickups. This is certainly the case on my H150 Ultra,serial U34701,which does have the full "made in kalamazoo Mi USA under the serial number.On the basis of the photos this is not a genuine Ultra,perhaps the description on the photo of the cavity plate is not from the same guitar.I think that I would be very wary.
  2. The blonde flamed top,gold plated fittings and HRW's look very,very similar to my H150 Ultra
  3. You mean that you managed to get a new guitar into the house without your wife knowing !! Could you please teach me how to do it.Anyway congratulations on finding a guitar that you love,it looks pretty nice too.
  4. When it comes to selling a relic'd guitar secondhand if it is the same condition as when it left the factory,can one describe it as being in "mint" condition ? !!!
  5. When I last went into my nearest large store I could not find a custom Fender Strat or Tele in NOS condition, they were all relic'd.Each to his own but in my view total Lunacy and sought out only by posers who want people to believe they are something that they are not.(and yes,if I wanted a relic'd guitar I can manage it quite well by myself !!!)
  6. My Heritage lineup consists of H150 Ultra,H555,H575,Golden Eagle and Super Eagle and I'm not currently looking to increase the number BUT if I were looking to replicate them where should I look? (lets exclude Gibson,I have very little time for this brand,I've played too many bad ones). My reason for looking at Heritage in the first place was the attraction of a small group of people who were trying to make guitars in the manner of the company they had left but to the quality that there previous employers were not making them. An additional attraction in the UK was that very few people had ever heard of Heritage (and still have not) so that used prices are very competitive (my virtually mint Golden Eagle cost £1500,not sure of this in dollars but I am sure a good price,try buying an L5 for anywhere near this sort of value)
  7. My Golden Eagle is no.103 with the serial no. E00201 which I calculate is 30th December 1988. My understanding was that the first 1000 had a reg no. on the back of the headstock and I have seen photos of ones that havent got a reg no. so presumably were after the first 1000
  8. Hi NoSowBlower,does this mean that you may have worked on my 1998 Super Eagle and 2002 H555? If so, thank you for a pair of great guitars.
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