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  1. My H575 came from Musical Exchanges in Birmingham 30 years ago for £550 with Schallers with the black plastic ccvers, the H555 from Guitars4You for £1900 (I'm told the owner of High End Guitars picked it out when new on a visit to the factory), The Golden Eagle,no.103 of the first 1000,sunburst,acoustic but with a K&K pickup underthe top,and the Super Eagle,blonde with schallers came as a deal from GAK at £3200 for the pair,and the H150 Ultra blond came from a dealer in Connecticut for $1425 which worked out at about £1350 on my doorstep after shipping cost and taxes (t
  2. Love the flame on the back of the neck.
  3. Thanks for the U.K. information,although currently I'm happy with the 5 that I've got.It's been a while since I've seen anyone in this country advertising them.I must confess all of mine were bought S/H,an H575,H555,Golden Eagle and Super Eagle in the U.K. and H150 Ultra imported from the U.S.
  4. As far as I know there are currently no dealers in the U.K. !!
  5. Thanks Yooper.She has had one shoulder and one hip replacement,and is waiting for the other shoulder other hip and both shoulders.She's been waiting now for 18 months for the next op.What hurts most though is the inability to play guitar any more because of the arthritis in her hands (imagine this with a household full of generally good guitars !) Add into this Hiatus hernia and Meniers disease and she has some hard days. The guitars she wont part with are a 1978 Martin HD28 and a 1972 Martin 00-18C.As for the Harmony we have a matching pair of H75's.When I started pla
  6. Here I opt out of the argument.Although Laine and I have been together for about 37 years and have 2 daughters aged 30 and 29 somehow we never got round to the getting married bit ! To be fair we have both been married (to other people). Currently trying to aquire guitar number 65,a 1965 Burns Bison,but not sure whether the deal is going to work. Storage does become a problem.
  7. Some years ago I went out with the intention of buying a Collings acoustic,found the one i went to look at very disappoining, tried other alternatives i.e. Martin,Lowden etc.and (to my surprise) walked out with the last guitar i tried,not thinking that it would be in the running a Gibbons (and I hate this word being changed!) Sheryl Crow Southern Jumbo which blew the others away.I suppose it justdepends on the individual guitar. Yes I simpathise with the not wanting to sell problem having just bought an Epiphone Les Paul Special TV whicg brings the guitars in the house up
  8. I did tell my partner about 10 years ago that I would thin things out a little and sold around 13,but then added about the same amount (but better quality,which included 4 of the 5 Heritages).Fortunately Laine is also a collector so understands the illogical driving force !
  9. 63 doesnt seem too bad,I have a friend who at one point had 400.My collection is a bit split up,since I am mainly an acoustic guitarist who started off life at 13 playing electric.Some of the instruments are what I couldnt afford as a kid,such as about 10 Burns,a Futurama 3,a Vox Phantom etc,.threre are around 10 Fenders a PRS (not really my thing),3 electric Gibbonss,plus the quality (!)Heritage H575,H555,H150 ULTRA,Golden Eagle and Super Eagle. With the serious acoustic guitars which do get used out,around 8 Martins,3 Gibbonss,a Levin (Goya in the US),plus British small maker
  10. 10 guitars,youre not even trying,we have 63 in the house at the moment (I think !).Mind you 3 are my partners, 2 Martins and a Harmony H75.This doesnt take into account the banjos,mandolins,dulcimers,concertinas,violins and a harp !
  11. Hi NoSowBlower,does this mean that you may have worked on my 1998 Super Eagle and 2002 H555? If so, thank you for a pair of great guitars.
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