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  1. "D" serial number would indicate 1987,Super Eagles werent introduced until 1988 and with sprucetops. If it was a Golden Eagle the lower bout would be 17" and from that period would have the "X of 1000" marking on the back of the headstock.So if as you show a mahogany top would be a custom Eagle. My 1988 Super Eagle is 103 of 1000 to give an indication of time span .Of course after the first 1000 this extra marking ceased.
  2. Lovely guitar but I''ll bet your daughter is more so.Happy birthday to her.
  3. Just caught a small part of episode 2 of this competition shown on SkyArts television in the U.K. tonight. The feature judge in this episode is George Benson,and one of the competitors was playing jazz on an early H575 with the black plastic covers (I didnt catch the competitors name) and George commented on how wonderful the guitar sounded.The guitar was o sort of orangey yellow colour with matching wood scratchplate and a tuner or something hiding the Heritage name on the headstock,possibly to avoid free advertising.None of the other guitars were showing headstock n
  4. Looks just like my H150 Ultra.
  5. I had a G-ibson MK 72 for a while.Quite a nice guitar,too heavy,wouldnt project in public but i thought a good guitar to use in a studio.The odd Kasha bracing always made the top feel a little unstable.Traded it in against a 1955 J50,but I've often wondered if I should have kept it a little longer
  6. They dont appear to be,certainly not on my H575,nor mentioned that way in the SOUNDS review.
  7. Coming back to this topic,i was going through some old Heritage publicity today and came across a write up reprinted from SOUNDS dec.10th 1988 by Garry Cooper (?) about the H575 which described the pickups (shown with the "The Heritage" written across the bridge pickup as being ACT humbuckers. I cant find any info on ACT,is this just another brand name for Schallers?
  8. Personally didnt like the circled H headstock,but woudnt reject a great guitar because of the headstock labeling,nor probably the shape of the headstock.
  9. I have to add that the plastic covers on my H575 are plain,without the Heritage logo.
  10. Schallers,my H575 has the same black covers,mine's early 1989
  11. I'm so glad (and a little relieved that my suggestion of Simon and Andy worked out) that you are so pleased with the result. The repair to my 1925 Martin 0-18K was also beautifully done. The mistake when I went to Brook was to look in their woodstore.I thought about it overnight and went back the next morning and ordered a 12 fret Lyn with Adirondack top and Ziricote back and sides,sunburst,extra abalone and torch headstock inlay,having picked the actual pieces of wood to be used.I suppose the price today would be about £4500 but what a guitar. With regard to strings o
  12. Could be,my H150 Ultra has HRW's.Of course since this guitar is single pickup there is no selector switch with the black dot on top to give the game away.
  13. From the twin adjustment screws on each side of the pickup I would say that it's a Schaller. I've owned a twin pickup H575 (F32205) with Schallers with black plastic covers for about 25 years and it's a lovely guitar.i dont think that you will regret getting the repair done and Simon and Andy at Brook do really great work.Best of luck with it.
  14. p.s. The Martin can been seen on their news for Jan 2019
  15. Not sure which part of the U.K. that you live in,but I can recommend Brook Guitars down in Devon who I think would have no problem with this.I have 2 Brook guitars,one of which was made to my specification with me picking the exact pieces of wood from their store( see news on their website for Feb 2014,the Brook Lyn) They also did a wonderfull repair on a 1925 Martin 0-18K of mine a couple of years ago,also shown on their website news.The news column if you look through it shows many brilliant repairs done for people.I have no affiliation other than a satisfied custo
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