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  1. Nah #tfb, I didn’t take it as glib! ‘It just isn’t’ I love that 👍 😀
  2. MartyGrass, this community family is so special to me! And I know there are those out there are those here stretching the 575 to it’s limits too, I’ve read the forums comments! Gives me musical options when choosing the right guitar for my intended use. I know it’s all so individually subjective , and never say never , but I can see why some of you all have multiples of Heritage models! And that’s a good thing. 😁
  3. Yeah davesultra , love the guitars, I would just have to go all gurly and do a decal on me hand. *Brand is a one of a kind Smart Arse Special limited edition applied at ‘the Factory’ ! Haha
  4. Hey Folks , interested to read your thoughts on these two absolutely great guitars. •would having 2 Hollow Bodies , a 575 & a 530 be redundant for my guitar arsenal ? •or would a 575 & a 535 be a little more variety, cuz one is hollow and the other one is semi hollow? I’m open to hear what those who either have both, or had owned both and decided to let one or the other go. 🤔🤔 Advanced thanks for your kind responses and comments!
  5. See Gitfiddler YOUR reply post should be where newbies like me can find it too. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I am certain not any folks are following this post! Lol Ok back to ‘the Google’ as us oldies say. 🤠
  6. Hey Mods, I know the forum has a FAQ area, but shouldn’t questions and replies like this entitled thread be set aside in an areas other forums label as ‘Stickies’ ? I know I personally had to glean through information here that by the time I found a thorough answer that I was needing, I was 😵‍💫 (where those new to Heritage and heritageownersclub.com can immediately go to look up a question with forum replies. … for history, knowledge, vast information, and educational purposes?) •The Heritage•Heritage•Custom Core•Custom guitar options•finishes available•electronic opt
  7. Rut roh, the Circle H is not a brand initiation is it , can’t I just wear a T-shirt , please? Lol
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