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  1. You mention microphonics then talk about swapping out the output tubes. Microphonics usually occurs, if it is going to, within first few tubes in the preamp. Rap them lightly with a pencil eraser and see if the noise occurs. Sockets can get dirty, but not likely the cause. My two cents .
  2. Woke up early this moning and took the new rig out for a spin. First time the chain has been fully configured and tweaked. PRS Custom 24 with stock pickups Synergy SYN-2 holding Dumble OS and Bogner Ecstasy modules with a blackface Intellifex returned in the stereo loop. Clean effects held in check with no over processing. Output this stream through a Rocktron/Egnater Velocity Valve (2x80W 6L6s) into an Egnater Stereo cabinet, loaded with four Eminence Patriot series Texas Heat drivers. Four words can be used to describe it all Som bish sound goooooooood!!
  3. As I listen to all the Synergy modules, there is definitely an overlap among the modules; a similarity in sound of several that differs mainly in thickness. So my intended tact is to look for the thickest. most dynamic (touch sensitive) responses and go from there with minimal duplication. You can always thin the thickest tone, but never effectively thicken the thinnest. Which platform? If I understand you correctly, the Synergy SYN platform when it gets here. I will probably use my Velocity Valve power amp, (Rocktron/Egnater 2x80W w/eight 6L6s) as that is definitely the best overall power amp I own. I have a wide range of non-boutique, though tasty heads,/combos, multiple 4x12,s 2x12s, 15s, 18s of different flavor and around ten or so rack preamps;. Yes the chance to pick and choose, using the preamp sections that personally appeal to your ear, is a huge plus. I don't have the extra $3-4K to drop each time on a herd of beasts.and I seem to have a problem, where pipedreams can overwhelm practical realities. Wants over needs. I don't play for a living, so the justification often gets cloudy and/or ignored. I never crank poweramps or, for that matter, even straight up heads to get further tonal contribution,. Too uncontrollable for me. The changes in the color start to jump far away from what my ear wants to hear and how my fingers will react to a change in bloom. As the speaker and every other component in the chain shifts to dominate or recede the new blend is no longer what you wanted. There is a change at each increment/decrement in level. So a good poweramp that delivers it up full range at lower levels is the baseline and gets the job done. for me While I once thought I should truly love EL34s/KT88s, , I actually prefer the wide warm low-end bark of 6L6s. EL-84s/6V6s sound anemic to me, with something always lacking in warmth.
  4. I've submitted and pulled the trigger to order a Synergy Bogner Ecstasy module last night. I was really pleased with what I have been hearing in the reviews/demos in YouTube, etc. There is a guy named Shawn Tubbs that really pulls the dynamic nuances out of this and the other modules. You need to listen through a decent set of headphones/speakers to catch the subtleties. Else, cheap speakers just won't catch the low mid overtones that are the Bogner signature and you may hear something brash. Next module to snag will likely be the Synergy version of the Dumble OS. And after that, down the SLO path, but I pretty much have that base already covered. I am thinking three broad tonal themes should do the trick and I don't want to get carried away.
  5. Started looking at the Synergy system after reading this. May have reread, but do you know if anybody makes a compatible Trainwreck front-end?
  6. We all have used Seths. As far as harness, CTS audio taper 500K pots and sprague caps. These are pretty much the things that will impact the tone. Don't want to piss money away, just because you can.
  7. I would say leave the bridge with a 59 and drop a Seth in the neck. You pay a premium for Antiquities and the sound is not much different. A 59 in the neck is usually muddy, but fine in the bridge. The Seth makes a good match and brightens the neck.
  8. Bring me your tired, your poor.
  9. mars_hall

    '15 PSP VIII

    This album contains pictures from the eighth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held July 31, 2015
  10. Looks like the pathway to the finish room. If you look out the window here on the left, you see the stack. First door on the left, the old John.
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    '14 PSP VII

    This album contains pictures from the seventh Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 1, 2014
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    '13 PSP VI

    This album contains pictures from the sixth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 2, 2013
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