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  1. Not at all. One the best sounding H150s I have has Burstbuckers in it and it sounds really good.
  2. What are the letters on the label through the hole? Looks ASB
  3. Build your own cabinet as an oversized 2x12' from 3/4" plywood with Eminence Swamp Thang 16 ohm speakers. The oversized will get the low end, which is probably why you don't like what you already have. You will get what you need and not break the bank. Quite functional.
  4. They work best side by side in a slight V on the floor, as in not in your ear and coupled to the floor for the low end. Is that a 1960TV?
  5. Have you considered the radius of the bridge is different than the radius of the tailpiece and/or the saddles are shorter than the combination requires?
  6. Rivera's get pretty shrill in the small format, particularly when you open them up. I was almost there once, but rethought it when I realized.
  7. No politics. Got a complaint from the troops
  8. Calm down and enough of the name calling. That path can't end good and it just skews things wrong for everyone involved here. Let the truth of what happened come out and decide for yourself, not the group around you.
  9. mars_hall

    '15 PSP VIII

    This album contains pictures from the eighth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held July 31, 2015
  10. Looks like the pathway to the finish room. If you look out the window here on the left, you see the stack. First door on the left, the old John.
  11. mars_hall

    '14 PSP VII

    This album contains pictures from the seventh Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 1, 2014
  12. mars_hall

    '13 PSP VI

    This album contains pictures from the sixth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 2, 2013
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