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  1. The reality is every guitar will have its own resonant point, which you should try to balance for delivery of the full tonal range. Look at the wood grain and make a judgement call as to whether the grain pattern is tight/dense or spread out. A tight pattern will tend to accent higher frequencies and retain the string energy. A spread pattern will damp the highs and lose energy. Also consider the density of the wood cap, same effect. Plug in the guitar and, using the pick you will tend to favor over the long run, judge whether the tone is too high or too dark. The schallers will tend to sound more towards the lower mid response end, so keep this in mind as you are judging. You will probably be better served with the Alnico II. If the wood is tight, choose/tend towards a darker pup of medium gain. If the wood is spread, tend in the opposite direction. Remember the idea is to land in the middle of full range with no unintended peaks. Likewise, if the schaller sounds too dark to you (not distortion, but low end), tend towards the opposite direction in candidate pup selection known response curve. Always have had good luck with the Duncan Alnico IIs, but have also ended too high in a few cases. Change pick to compensate 4 cents
  2. Definitely the Lollar p-90s . I have them in a two guitars already (H150 and Les Paul Dlx) and just haven't had the time to drop the set I have in the 2010 Firebird V. To be honest, I bought the set and started adjusting height the stock mini-humbuckers and found a sweet spot I was enjoying with no work. LPD set is overwound and the other normal wound. Can't remember what the set I have for the Firebird is
  3. I bought Gio's Rect-o-verb 50W combo on the spot, having heard and experienced it up at Kip's bar on Irving Park. Great amp and it will stay.. I also own two Jet Citys; a JCA-50H and a JCA-100HDM. These two also sound very good, but go lacking on the chunk at the low end., more so the 50H without the Density Mod. I imagine your Jet City is much the same. I will at some point, let the 50H go, since I now have the base covered with the 100 and am satisfied with its low end. Both sound very pro, but I cut the mid, treble, and presence way back below 12 o'clock. You don't fight trying to get a decent self-sustaining bloom out of the JCA, but you are locked into that tone groove and overdrive it does so well. The Mesa is going to be the better of the two amps and the only negative in my book is the effects loop, which is parallel on mine, and I think later ones are serial. It has a good clean channel and is quite warm. That said, the Rect-o-verb spends a lot of time just sitting there, probably because I prefer the smoother sound of a 4x12 and I have several heads. Get the Mesa. It's in a different class and, in my judgement from hearing you play, probably closer to what you'd enjoy.
  4. Have the guy show a pic of the inside of the control cavity lid. Should be a label there
  5. A friend of mine from high school does these custom hand builts... Pretty damn Impressive. I was looking at his Facebook page tonight, actually first time I'd dove into his page, and there was a clip of Jake Kershaw from PSP12., using one of Rick's works https://www.facebook.com/jacob.kershaw.148/videos/2106087493054541/UzpfSTE2NTIzNTc5NDk6MTAyMTEwMjIzNTE2Njg3MDc/ On Instagram Rick Crownover
  6. mars_hall

    '15 PSP VIII

    This album contains pictures from the eighth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held July 31, 2015
  7. Looks like the pathway to the finish room. If you look out the window here on the left, you see the stack. First door on the left, the old John.
  8. mars_hall

    '14 PSP VII

    This album contains pictures from the seventh Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 1, 2014
  9. mars_hall

    '13 PSP VI

    This album contains pictures from the sixth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 2, 2013
  10. mars_hall

    '12 PSP V

    This album contains pictures from the fifth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 3, 2012
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