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  1. mars_hall

    Looking for a speaker cabinet

    Build your own cabinet as an oversized 2x12' from 3/4" plywood with Eminence Swamp Thang 16 ohm speakers. The oversized will get the low end, which is probably why you don't like what you already have. You will get what you need and not break the bank. Quite functional.
  2. mars_hall

    Looking for a speaker cabinet

    They work best side by side in a slight V on the floor, as in not in your ear and coupled to the floor for the low end. Is that a 1960TV?
  3. mars_hall

    H150 Stop Bar

    Have you considered the radius of the bridge is different than the radius of the tailpiece and/or the saddles are shorter than the combination requires?
  4. mars_hall

    H575 control pots not working?

    Put a cord into the jack, place the switch in the bridge position and measure the resistance with the pots at 10 by touching tip and ring of the cord end. If you see zero or close to it, you have a short. If you see no resistance indication (blinking number) or greater than 6 to 15 K, you have an open (broken) connection in the circuit. Move the controls/switches, and tap the bridge pickup while looking at the meter. Look for abrupt changes in resistance.
  5. mars_hall

    H-535 wiring and tone shaping

    Your guitar/amp is a system with each component shaping what you hear. The pot (volume/tone) control and cap provide a path to take the the high frequency content out of the path that would normally go to the amp and send it to ground. For a given cap, the higher value the pot (500K), the less gets directed away from the amp. Lowering the pot value to 9 (450K) , means less resistance in that path to ground, so more high frequency goes to ground.. If you put a small value cap between the wiper (center lug of pot) and the side of the pot that connects to the pickup hot side, you can short the path to ground so it bypass the path to ground. They call this a bleed cap and it can help you keep a portion of the high content leaving the low frequency content alone. With no volume control and tone control, everything the pickup produces goes to the amp. Raising and lowering the pole screws will increase and lower the amount of high frequency content that comes from the pickup. There is a continuous tradeoff between high and low content as you adjust the distance from the string. Get too close and you damp (lessen) the high frequency content. Too far and you lose the low content. The screw reshapes a lobe of sensing the vibration and harmonic content of the string vibration. Move it to find your sweet spot. Amps will go into saturation and clipping (adding harmonic content) as you crank them up. Each stage of the amp increases the level of AC voltage that initially comes from that pickup. As you crank each one of these stages in the path, you reach a point where the supply for that stage has given all the current it can provide for the voltage in the path. Instead of the voltage going higher, the signal is limited by its maximum voltage to that stage and high frequency harmonics (related reflections of the original wave) are added to the original signal and sent to the next stage for further amplification. If the amp allows you to limit the voltage/current in earlier stages of the amp (master volume/gain controls), the amp volume does not have to be that loud to get the overdriiven (clipping) effect. In the end, and a short cut through the thought process would be to use a thinner pic and get more high frequency content than a thick pick. Pinch it at the tip more highs, loosely held away from the tip, less highs.
  6. Rivera's get pretty shrill in the small format, particularly when you open them up. I was almost there once, but rethought it when I realized.
  7. Try an Egnater Renegade
  8. mars_hall

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    No politics. Got a complaint from the troops
  9. mars_hall

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Calm down and enough of the name calling. That path can't end good and it just skews things wrong for everyone involved here. Let the truth of what happened come out and decide for yourself, not the group around you.
  10. mars_hall

    '15 PSP VIII

    This album contains pictures from the eighth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held July 31, 2015
  11. mars_hall

    '12 PSP V - 259

    Looks like the pathway to the finish room. If you look out the window here on the left, you see the stack. First door on the left, the old John.
  12. mars_hall

    '14 PSP VII

    This album contains pictures from the seventh Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 1, 2014
  13. mars_hall

    Bob Playing an American Eagle

  14. mars_hall

    '13 PSP VI

    This album contains pictures from the sixth Parsons Street Pilgrimage held August 2, 2013
  15. mars_hall

    Totonka - Dusty Cases - PSP6

    Bangkok Thailand