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  1. I remember Marv telling me they think they got a bad batch of Nitro around this timeline. Last I heard there was a rep coming out to check it out, no pun intended. They didn't have any issues after that time period.
  2. I always liked the groove of that tune. Nice playing!
  3. I understand your post and have owned some of those less than perfect guitars. I have also owned the same not so perfect guitars from Gibson. I wish I had a dollar for every time Jim or Marv said to me there is no perfect guitar. I am absolutely on board with the Original Heritage owners. Love the story and the people involved. We've lost one of the original owners, JP Moats and the other founders are getting up in age and starting to show the signs of it. I'm just glad we have this Forum to share some of their stories to the people who didn't get to know them like some of us do. The new Heritage is a different animal from what we were used to. I still try to support them. Until I don't.
  4. From Heritage sight. Well the lawyers made some money.........................
  5. Just a quick update on Marv Lamb and Bill Paige. I had talked to him when he first came home from the hospital and he sounded tired and weak. Understandable. He ended up going to a rehab facility and just got back home yesterday. Getting stronger. Bill is still struggling and at a rehab facility. Keep the prayers and thoughts coming for these Great Guys.
  6. Yes he does. Great guy! I have a guitar headed to him that he is going to transform to a Jeff Beck tribute. Can't wait.
  7. Yes I thought of that if I was going with the graffiti yellow solid color but when we decided on a transparent color that was out. These pickups sound pretty good to me.
  8. Calculated risk. We all know Heritage has good wood. Joke in there somewhere. Originally I was going to finish it in Grafitti Yellow thinking of Jeff Beck and this was 8 months ago. I asked Dave to strip it and see what is under there. He sent me pics and I decided to go with this color. I have a Millennium in a color similar to this and Dave worked off that.
  9. I thought I had better ones but couldn't find them. That was from the website of the dealer I got it from. I got a real good deal on it with the mindset that I would refinish it. I tried to like the color but I like seeing the woodgrain. Mother Nature is a great creator!
  10. I bought this awhile back. It was faded Pelham Blue but I could never get to like the color and I like seeing the wood. I call it Black Cherry. Dave Teske did the work on it. He does excellent work. David Teske - Guitars and furniture custom finishing and repair services Before and after.
  11. That's a classic! Congratulations and welcome to the club.
  12. Thank you for the update Carl. Praying and hoping for a Speedy Recovery.
  13. Update on Marv. His daughter said he is coming home from the hospital today. He had surgery and will be on the mend at home. SpeedyRecovery wishes and prayers.
  14. Happy New Year! Always enjoy your nice Playing.
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