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  1. The whole guitar was refinished. Stated earlier in the thread. Dave provided the pickguard for me. He picked a nice one. The flame pattern works well with the guitar.
  2. Yes it was completely stripped. It did have a stinger on it originally.
  3. H-140 is correct. I've been looking for the right one for awhile. I knew I would be refinishing it. Dave Teske did the work. It was all red front and back and I never liked the backside in red. He stripped it and found this fine wood package. Unplugged it is quite resonant which is always a good sign. I haven't plugged it in and put it through the paces but soon. I did a H-110 with these pickups in it and I loved them. JR Clark loves them too. It's his go to axe in his blues band. Here are the other pictures I have.
  4. Bare Knuckle 10th Anniversary pickups with MojoTone electronics package.
  5. Not Yet. Dave Teske did a refinish on it and it turned out Great!
  6. Here is mine I searched and waited for close to 2 years. I'm sure Pete Farmer and maybe Jim had a hand in this one. Love it and it's comfortable in my hands.
  7. Mighty Fine examples from the Original Heritage Artisans! It's all in the Details.
  8. Welcome aboard Heritage owner. H-530's are an excellent platform. I have one in the same color and love it! Enjoy
  9. When Gibson Guitar left Kalamazoo: 'They had to make a decision' - mlive.com
  10. Marv told they made the original prototype for the H-140 in a garage. They were definitely making them in 1984. The original H-140 that hung on display at Heritage had a 1984 serial number. It takes time to file all that corporation paperwork.
  11. Incorporated in 1985. From their old website.
  12. Good to see some small dealers getting back into it. The new Heritage sure ghosted a lot of them!
  13. That is a Special Sweet 16! Enjoy
  14. Man I miss this Guy. What a talented musician! He gave us so much Great Music and was such a Neat Person.
  15. This is what they used on the last final builds.
  16. Congratulations and welcome aboard. VWB is my favorite finish. Have fun!
  17. Congratulations! Well deserved IMHO. With that type of top on that guitar I would consider it a Custom. Many guitars from that era of Heritage had excellent wood packages. Other companies would be charging extra for that one.
  18. Probably Schaller pickups. Yes they came that way. Beautiful guitar! Enjoy.
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