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  1. I talked to Marv recently and the numbering system started with the H-140, their first model. That was originally traced from the old ES-140 that Gibby had back then. He said they would get together as a group and just add a number as they upgraded models.
  2. Happy Holidays! Thanks for posting. Nice arrangement and playing!
  3. Nice Pair! Marty Grass is a Great Seller and has the best.
  4. https://web.archive.org/web/19981201071755/http://www.heritageguitar.com/company/model_history.htm
  5. Marv told me he named the H-357 as kind of a dig at the Firebird models that Gibby made the 3, 5 and 7. I asked him where they came up with the Academy and Prospect names. He told me him and Jim named them after streets in Kalamazoo.
  6. A work of art and full contact. Nicely crafted.
  7. 1989 Catalogue https://jedistar.com/images/april17/Heritage_Guitars_Catalog_1989.pdf
  8. I believe you are right about 1987. Everything I've read and heard that was the first year for the H-535.
  9. In Les Paul history. It was brought to light by collector Brian Brock, hence the name. It was later sold to 'burst maven Vic DaPra, so is also referred to as the "Brock/DaPra" 'burst. It is pictured in BOTB, but more importantly, it is the cover guitar on Tom Wheeler's book "American Guitar". Vic DaPra has written many picture books on The Burst. Dave at Heritage showed me that finish in one of his books when I was trying to order something close to that color.
  10. Bob was a Great Guy. He is missed. I'm glad you where able to get this one. I'm sure He would be pleased. Beautiful and special piece of Heritage craft. Here is a picture of Him at a Pre PSP at the Steiner Ranch playing the crazy figured Millennium.
  11. Congratulations Danny. You are going to love it!
  12. Tuners are interesting. New to me and no base with anchoring screw. Tell me how you like those. I can't think of anything else to do for weight relief. Nice work! Love the guitar and the finish.
  13. You make that Sweet 16 Swing! Great playing.
  14. Welcome aboard. You have a nice one there. Custom Cores are special builds!
  15. Welcome aboard motoputz. Love your handle. You've joined a good forum full of Heritage lovers. What area are you from?
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