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  1. Yeah you're right, anything that's like a TP6 but more affordable doesn't ever fit on American made guitars. I've tried searching before. Frustrating...
  2. Yeah it's weird I've heard a bunch of people say the same thing, that they were having problems with the high E particularly. Luckily I guess I never had one that gave me that trouble! But yeah, I think it was a great invention, obviously taken directly from Ren's tp6 design too.
  3. Yep- Ren absolutely invented the TP6. Seems like Schaller took the ball and ran with it- the quick change tailpiece is obviously a rip off of the TP6. All Ren's inventions. Ren made the world better for guitar players -that's for sure!
  4. Yep- I had an early 140 with the Schaller quick change tail piece. I always loved those, although I know many don't! They were always so easy to change strings with and I never had a problem with them- not sure why so many hated them?
  5. Yeah I'm thinking it wasn't a custom order either. From what I understand the Moore's were gone almost as fast as they were announced, so I doubt anyone could have ordered a custom one! I get wanting this to be like the 50's design for sure. Honestly, I can't say the guitar is bad right now. Plays real nice. It's just... I have a weird problem where I keep hearing the guitar say "please put me back to original specs!" lol. Just a preference thing.
  6. I know- this part is impossible to find I think. I just want to go back to stock cause I always like things the way they originally were. I know many dislike the Schaller roller bridge and quick change stop bar, but I've always liked them and the guitar just seems "wrong" with these other parts on. Pretty crazy to me that someone swapped out bushings to put a standard tailpiece in. I don't know, I just always like keeping things original, even when I play the guitar, which I do with all of mine, including this one. Definitely going to play it, just feels "wrong" with these parts on it. I was originally wondering if it was custom ordered, but I'm thinking someone just swapped parts at some point as I've never seen another one like this.
  7. Thanks for everyone's help in advance! I have a 1989 Gary Moore model I'm working on. First off, does anyone know if any "one off" Gary Moore's were made? I don't think there were? What I mean by that is- didn't they all come with Schaller "Quick change" tailpieces and hardware? This one has a LP style stop bar with a Gotoh bridge on it. It was made in 1991. Pretty sure Heritage wasn't using any Gotoh parts in '91, but again- maybe this was a custom order or something? Although I'm thinking no. I put pictures here- another model is on the left, like how I've seen all of them, including Gary's, and mine is on the right with the different hardware. I'm looking to put this back to original specs. So I found a quick change tailpiece, but now found out a previous owner had converted the tailpiece bushings to inch from metric. Schaller products are all metric, so this won't fit. Obviously swapping out the bushings is the thing to do, and it looks like that's what I will end up doing. But wondering if anyone knows anywhere that sells Schaller studs for the older quick change tailpieces, but with inch threading instead of metric? Or know of anyone who makes custom parts? I'm not super experienced with swapping out bushings, so if I can just find studs with inch threads, I won't have to do that. Seems pretty impossible to find these though. Thanks again for all info and help!
  8. Thanks everyone for your help! It looks like Jay Wolfe had one he is hooking me up with. Thanks Jay! I'm not beyond having a second one though just to have around so, definitely message me if you do have one you're looking to sell as I wouldn't mind having a second one. Thanks everyone! Todd
  9. Oh wow! Your awesome! Thanks! Definitely the one without tuners in France is the one I'd want. Anyone have experience with Luthimate? Never dealt with them and gotta be honest, the whole overseas thing doesn't sound too appealing. It's kinda looking like I don't have a choice though...🤔
  10. Thanks and thanks for your help searching! Yeah Ren definitely invented the TP6.
  11. Looking for a tail piece. The quick change kind as shown below in Chrome. The one in the picture is exactly the kind I need.
  12. OK I guess my next question is- does anyone have one on here they would be willing to sell? Lol. Message me here or you can email ToodBeebeMusic@gmail.com Thanks!
  13. Looking for a replacement for an older late 80s Heritage. Cant seem to find any so I'm assuming they're not made anymore? Anyone know where to buy one? Thanks for all help in advance!
  14. Beautiful guitar! BS that the smoke issue wasn't revealed to you before purchasing. Hope it works out for you with the case and all. I've had a few over the years that just never lost the smell, are I tried everything known to man! That smoke smell is one of the worst to get rid of.
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