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  1. Heritage1970


    Congrats Brent! Love this story!!
  2. Can anyone give me any information on where to purchase one or two of the posters that Heritage put out -I want to say it was for their 30th Anniversary? The poster had Marv, JP, Bill, Jim and Ren I believe. Not sure if there were more faces or not. And guitars too obviously. But I remembered touring the plant a few years back and seeing a bunch of them laying around but didn't ask about purchasing one then, duh! Anyways I believe it was for the 30th anniversary that they had them made up. Maybe the 25th? I could be wrong though and I don't have a picture or anything to reference. Anyways if anyone has any info on these or has one or two available for purchase it would be greatly appreciated! PM me would be best. Thanks guys!
  3. Heritage1970

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    That's what I'm hoping to hear happen soon. The terminated will group together and start their own guitar company. "The Real Heritage" or something alone those lines. Obviously they probably can't use "Heritage" anywhere in the name, but you get the picture. It happened once before in Kalamazoo.....
  4. Heritage1970

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    I know the new owner(s) have the "right" to do with Heritage what they may, yet it saddens me the era of the hand-made Heritage is over. ^^ Yep. ^^ My thoughts exactly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but mine is that I used to have a feeling that the workers that walked into Heritage felt that they HAD a "Heritage" to guard and continue. I just have a feeling now that it's all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and how fast it can be made- no more long, time consuming things that are done by hand- workers may come and go, who cares- keep the costs down and the money coming in. Bring in the plant expansion with tourist traps galore, whatever it takes to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as fast and easily as we can.....THAT'S the vibe I'm getting here....but again- just my opinion.
  5. Heritage1970

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Oh yeah! They sure do! Interesting indeed
  6. Heritage1970

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    Exactly! I know jobs are out there, but you're told your whole life the old "just do what you love to do and you'll never work a day in your life" shtick- these people did that and it kicked 'em in the ass. Really sucks to go from doing what you love to cutting a pizza...
  7. Heritage1970

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    ...so sad. You're right- it does make you sick. Ever since I was a kid they told me that the middle class will some day no longer exist- it will all be filthy rich and really poor. I think that time has arrived. Funny though- also when I was a kid a "mansion" was considered what most people that think they're "middle class" live in now. Around me I see people that live in those houses- 10 bedrooms, etc, and hear them complaining about the wealthy having everything. It really makes you go "hmmmm??? I guess I'm over here in the ghetto." I don't think the rich really think they are. Things like a daily trip to the salon, Starbucks 8 times a day, 10 cars and 2 Summer homes are considered "necessities" not "extras" or "things I enjoy." We live in strange times...
  8. Heritage1970

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    That's great to know. All I am saying is these were Craftsmen and women. How many were luthiers? If you look into the history of Gibson back in their Heyday in Kalamazoo all of them pretty much we're hired right off the street and t That's great to know. All I am saying is these were Craftsmen and women. How many were luthiers? If you look into the history of Gibson back in their Heyday in Kalamazoo all of them pretty much we're hired right off the street and taught how to do the work. Pretty much the same way they operated in Heritage up until recently. So how many of them were luthiers? I guess all of them once they were trained is the answer. But like I said even back in Gibsons Hay Day they trained people right off the street to build the world's finest guitars. And they did a hell of a job. So did heritage. The bottom line is when you're taught to do a craft and you take pride in it it's very hard to leave that and go to a factory job or making a pizza.
  9. Heritage1970

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    2%? Not saying I'm doubting you, but usually when you see these statistics and the old "the jobs are there if you want one" saying- it means you can go to Burger King or Joe's Hot Dog Stand. Are these any serious jobs or just good ones for High School kids? Also- when you work at a craft, as the folks let go from Heritage did, where do you go to find that type of work again? How many guitar companies are there within driving range of Kalamazoo? And even if you find one, are they just going to welcome you with decent enough pay? Hard to go from performing your craft daily to "this one gets 2 patties, this one gets Cheddar".........
  10. Heritage1970

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    Thanks Brent! Hate seeing this...
  11. Heritage1970

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    I guess that's the big problem I have. I am not bashing anyone and I am certainly not bashing the company. And if some of my words seem like I am I I certainly don't mean to. I am all about things moving on and new people coming in I understand that's unavoidable and that's just how life works. But what does bother me and what I do have a problem with is when you let go so many employees that had been there for so many years and were the heart of the company. That's what I have a problem with! If you're just bringing in all new employees to work cheaper or whatever the case may be then there really are no old-time Heritage employees there so therefore Heritage isn't there! That's just my opinion but that's the way I see it and it really bothers me. I guess I would just like some more explaining to go on besides the old "we needed to do what we had to do to keep the company going " - okay we get that but why couldn't you have kept the company going with the employees that were already there and had the knowledge and the years and the experience and the heart and soul to keep it going? I would love to hear some comments from any employees who have been there for years on their thoughts on this whole thing. Again not trying to bash anyone and hey everyone has their opinion. I would just like a little bit more of an explanation of why so many loyal employees were let go? And not just the usual " we had to do what we had to do to keep the company going. " That could have been done with your Old School Employees. So I'm kind of confused and angry.
  12. Heritage1970

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    Bwaahahaha!! There you go!!
  13. Heritage1970

    Some very disturbing news from 225

    ...it's a damn shame. It's just sad that the new owners had to disguise a love for big big money with a love for Heritage. I feel like we've all been tricked and now the cat is out of the bag...but sadly, it's too late to turn back now. I'm guessing the old owners feel the same way.... I've met some great people on this forum- so I hope we all stay here and remain and celebrate all that Heritage once was. There's a lot of us and, fortunately, a lot of great Heritage guitars that left 225 Parsons out there. Let's use this forum to still celebrate those guitars and us. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and hey, God bless you if you've been fortunate enough to inherit Daddy big bucks' money and you can buy up the world. Having said that- do your homework and you'll see the company is no longer ran by guys FROM Kalamazoo- with names like Bill, Jim, Marv, JP and Ren. Foreign investors with an eye on nothing but big bucks now claim an American Company. And so another one bites the dust. It's game over in K'Zoo. Make no mistake- the new owners see this as nothing but a money making opportunity. Now- I understand EVERYONE has that in mind when running a business- but it's always unique and awesome when a company can both run, as a business to make a profit AND share a family vibe. That vibe just got fired- so all that's left now is the money making end. I suppose if they get things rolling and open the cafe and the big, sprawling tourist attraction that we've all seen pictures of how they envision the plant looking soon, then enough people will come, time will roll on, and eventually K' Zoo will have a tourist trap where people come to see where "G" once lived and spend their money to buy a "Heritage." Most will not even know of, or probably care about all of the actions that just went down. I guess that's where the current owners are looking ahead to. Those of us fortunate to have a Heritage that came though the plant under the hands of JP, Jim, Marv, Ren, Charlie and others have a real Heritage, and those days have sadly come to an end. Hope everyone still keeps celebrating the original and real Heritage on this forum though. That's about all that we can do...
  14. Heritage1970

    Change at Heritage Guitar

    I've heard this garbage my whole life- "live in "Realville", "we had to do what's best for the company"- it's all double talk for someone getting screwed (that's putting it mildly- I'm trying to keep it PG 13 here) - bottom line: Heritage was always a Company that had a Family vibe, they were different from the Corporate giants- now they're just like the rest, and that makes me pretty damn sad. From what I've heard, Heritage was not in a great place financially, when they were bought out, so I guess "they" came in and saved the Company - but the question is from what? I would have rather have seen Heritage just fade away and die a slow death than be slaughtered by Corporate giants. But...it's too late for that- everyone in "Realville" just woke up to find the Heart and Soul of Heritage has been F' ed.... I pray there is a way this will turn around, but sadly, I've seen this time and again and I don't have a good feeling that it will............