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  1. Thank you Meng! We really appreciate you jumping in and clearing some things up. Very much appreciated and myself and I'm sure many others appreciate you taking the time to do so. I think the many thoughts and opinions being expressed in this post are all coming from the same place, and that is an absolute love for all things Heritage and 225 Parsons Street. We all just want to see the name and everything the original Founders had in mind survive and survive with the same beliefs in mind. So it's great to hear that the new owners seem to be on the same page with that! Thank you again for posting! Please post more again soon! We'll all enjoy the input! Thank you!
  2. Heritage h357

    Sweet!!! Thanks for posting pics! Awesome guitar!
  3. ...it's a strange feeling right now- the future of the company and how everything is going to turn out seems very "up in the air." Ultimately change does always have to happen- so the Heritage Company we've all come to know and love will really never be the same, because it can't be. Time moves on and new hands and faces get involved. Marv, Jim, Bill, Ren and the original guys aren't as involved as they once were, and that's understandable- again- time rolls on and change has to happen. That does not mean that Heritage can't still be a great guitar company though- they will just ultimately be a DIFFERENT company....
  4. Heritage h357

    Not 100% positive, so if I'm off, someone please jump in here! But I think AE means year 2014, the 154 means the remaining days in that year which would mean it was made on the 211th day that year. And the 01 SHOULD mean it was the only guitar completed that day- or at least the only 357. Again- I could be way off here- something different might be going on with a 357 as they're pretty rare to begin with. Hope this helps and everyone please jump in if I'm way off here!!
  5. I finally own a Heritage guitar

    Nice! Congrats and welcome to the Heritage Family!
  6. Seymour duncan 59?

    Love Duncan '59s. They're in all my Heritage' but yeah it's really a matter of preference
  7. Finally Qualified to Be a Real Member

    Beautiful Guitars!! Welcome to the Heritage Family! No better way to start than with the 2 you've landed. Absolutely stunning!
  8. String Gauges?

    Yeah GHS strings have always been great! Michigan made too!
  9. Does my Heritage Prospect need a humidifier?

    Semi hollows are fine. I'm running the Oasis humidifier in all my acoustics right now- I always use them and highly recommend them. The acoustic top is thinner than the semi hollow- that being said- it won't hurt anything to use them, but it's not necessary.
  10. String Gauges?

    I saw these once! 9.5's! D'Addario has an amazing selection of strings that's for sure- I might try these some time. Of course they're a bit lighter than 10's but a bit heavier than 9's- but I'm curious: do you really feel a big difference between either 9's or 10's? Thanks!
  11. String Gauges?

    Cool! Let us know how the strings are when you try them out! Definitely curious
  12. String Gauges?

    Love reading the comments guys! ^^go: I agree- I always stretch strings out big time before playing. I know some people don't but I find it's a huge help. I used the XL D'Addario for years- in my opinion the NYXL's feel pretty much exactly the same, but the life span is way longer. That's one of the selling points put out by the company too. But they do cost a bit more than regular XL's, so, if you don't have a problem with breaking strings a lot, sticking with XL's is probably fine. Tone wise I think they're a BIT brighter- more top end- but that could be argued too as it's not a very noticeable difference. You're right- Gibbons using 8's, SRV 13's- both with tones to die for- so it's always interesting how different tools and different players all get great results!
  13. ..always wondered why they did that for a short time?
  14. String Gauges?

    Hope everyone's having a great 2018!! I know this topic has been discussed before- but it's always interesting to bring it up again every once in awhile: What's everyone stringing their Heritage' up with? And what brands? I'm currently hooked on D'Addario NYXL 9-42. Friends tell me to go heavier, but I've tried and always come back to 9-42. I've played D'Addario for years, used the regular XL's forever before the NYXL's hit a few years back. For acoustics I go 12-53 D'Addario Nickel Bronze. I highly recommend these for Acoustics! They bring out the tone BIGTIME on all my acoustics- it's pretty unreal actually. HUGE difference from typical strings. Interestingly I know a lot of people using the same gauge on electric and acoustic these days, but that just doesn't feel right to me- need that extra kick with the thicker strings for Acoustic. No way could I use a 9 on an Acoustic!! Anyways- curious to read what everyone's using in 2018!
  15. New Heritage Day

    Just saw this post! Beautiful guitar- the Sister post to one I just posted about Heritage Acoustics! Congratulations! This is one beautiful guitar!