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  1. I know the new owner(s) have the "right" to do with Heritage what they may, yet it saddens me the era of the hand-made Heritage is over. ^^ Yep. ^^ My thoughts exactly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but mine is that I used to have a feeling that the workers that walked into Heritage felt that they HAD a "Heritage" to guard and continue. I just have a feeling now that it's all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and how fast it can be made- no more long, time consuming things that are done by hand- workers may come and go, who cares- keep the costs down and the money coming in. Bring in the plant expansion with tourist traps galore, whatever it takes to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ as fast and easily as we can.....THAT'S the vibe I'm getting here....but again- just my opinion.
  2. Oh yeah! They sure do! Interesting indeed
  3. ...so sad. You're right- it does make you sick. Ever since I was a kid they told me that the middle class will some day no longer exist- it will all be filthy rich and really poor. I think that time has arrived. Funny though- also when I was a kid a "mansion" was considered what most people that think they're "middle class" live in now. Around me I see people that live in those houses- 10 bedrooms, etc, and hear them complaining about the wealthy having everything. It really makes you go "hmmmm??? I guess I'm over here in the ghetto." I don't think the rich really think they are. Things like a daily trip to the salon, Starbucks 8 times a day, 10 cars and 2 Summer homes are considered "necessities" not "extras" or "things I enjoy." We live in strange times...
  4. I've heard this garbage my whole life- "live in "Realville", "we had to do what's best for the company"- it's all double talk for someone getting screwed (that's putting it mildly- I'm trying to keep it PG 13 here) - bottom line: Heritage was always a Company that had a Family vibe, they were different from the Corporate giants- now they're just like the rest, and that makes me pretty damn sad. From what I've heard, Heritage was not in a great place financially, when they were bought out, so I guess "they" came in and saved the Company - but the question is from what? I would have rather have seen Heritage just fade away and die a slow death than be slaughtered by Corporate giants. But...it's too late for that- everyone in "Realville" just woke up to find the Heart and Soul of Heritage has been F' ed.... I pray there is a way this will turn around, but sadly, I've seen this time and again and I don't have a good feeling that it will............
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