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  1. Definitely! I always loved the Heritage green!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bt5yWabLys Each week I post reviews of various guitars. This week is a 1988 H-535 which is just an amazing instrument! 2nd year of production, as I believe the 535 first hit in 1987. Always loved the matching pickguards on the older models too! I wish they'd bring those back! Anyways, thought some of you may enjoy the review so wanted to share. Thanks everyone!
  3. Great tone, great playing, great guitar, great tune! You nailed it! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I get what you're saying. Inspiration and what makes someone feel good or creative is a strange and unique thing. Everyone responds differently. It's all about what makes you come alive I guess, and for me it's pretty much the exact opposite of what you said. Seeing a super clean and tidy place where wood carving, etc happens makes me immediately think "wow...not much happening here, they must not be doing too much" or "this place is too damn tidy for me to get creative, it feels like it's never been used or worked in before!" I personally love seeing old dust and stuff out and about that's being constantly used and has been out and on for the last 100 years. That old dust inspired me when I used to go in the factory years ago! You'd walk out of there thinking "wow... I breathed in historical, 100 year old dust! Damn!! I gotta go write a song!" lol! Like I said, that's just me though. I get what you're saying- I know a ton of people who feel the same as you and HATE clutter, dust, etc. It's weird how pone person sees a mess and another sees beauty....
  5. For sure! I think many of us in this Group can testify that Jay Wolfe is so great to buy from! I know I have purchased many over the years and I am 110% satisfied! Love Wolfe Guitars!
  6. This can be (and has been) debated for the next 1000 years. It's really a matter of opinion I guess. The Heritage Guitar Co. that existed in 1985 is an entirely different one than what exists in 2022. Which is better or worse is just a matter of opinion. But, that can be said about any Guitar Co. really. It's like a Team. You may have an untouchable baseball team in 1995, but as the players change, so does the Team and by 2022, that Team is really only the same in name. It's now a whole different group of people, yet they still have the name. Can say the same thing about bands too- how many of us have seen bands on the Summer circuit at Fests, etc and you're thinking "I don't know who anyone on the stage is!" Some might hate 'em, but some might think the new music they're making is great, so they keep following the band, even though it's only the same band from 1979 in name. So- it's' a weird thing. All comes down to play it and you either like the guitar or you don't.
  7. Beautiful guitar! Congrats!
  8. I totally agree It almost seems like the 140 is the "base" in a way. So-yeah- it'd be great to find out how 140 was chosen. Then like you said- 150, 157- kind of obvious.
  9. I guess I'd like to add that it's easy to see how say the 157 comes off of the 150. It's a little bit higher of a number because it's got more ornamentation and detail and it's a fancier model so the number goes up. Same thing could be said for say the 535 versus the 555. Or the 530 versus the 535 etc. But just wondering how the initial 150 number or whichever model you want to pick came to be?
  10. Cool stuff! Yeah I had the same conversation with Ren actually and he told me about the streets too. Very cool stuff! I just wondered about the numbers though. Besides the 357. I mean 150, 140. I just wondered if there was any significance to those?
  11. Great thoughts on this! I hope we can keep this going and get some more insights.
  12. So... here's something I've never really stopped to think about or look into: was wondering WHAT the actual numbers on Heritage guitars mean? Wondering if anyone has more insight, as I've never really stopped to look into it. I know the difference between say an H-150 and an H-157, or an H-140. And some, like the 357 I get- but what does the actual say 150 number mean? Or 140? Or 155, 535, etc? Why were those numbers chosen? I know the old days of Kalamazoo were, say a 125 or 335 - those were the original prices. (which makes my jaw drop now!) But wondering if anyone knows why it is called a 150, 535, etc?
  13. Interesting. Yeah mine definitely say Gibson. The more I look into I'm thinking it was definitely a custom order.
  14. I didn't think so either. But I was told this was all original- and I've seen others with them from that era. Here's a pic of another one (not mine). More than likely the tuners were swapped out, but just thought I'd see if anyone on here knew if there was a chance they did use them in the first 10 years or so of the Company
  15. Hey everyone- hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving weekend! This is my 1988 H-535. As you can see- it has Gibson (Kluson) Deluxe tuners. Some of you probably know better than me- in the early days of Heritage- were they using Kluson Gibson tuners? I've seen other Heritage models from the 80's with them too- and these don't appear to have been replaced at all. Hoping maybe someone with good knowledge of the 80's Heritage models can chime in. Thanks in advance for the help!
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