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  1. That should have been caught by Heritage QC. Good news is that it’s an easy fix.
  2. I had just paid mine off. Then I saw that core demo….but it’s going back. Easy come, easy go.
  3. Sweetwater’s my go to place for new gear. The customer service is second to none.
  4. I bought a core 150 DEMO from Sweetwater Thursday. It came today. But the treble side bridge post is too high to engage the treble side bridge lock….so I’m sending it back. It would be an easy fix but I’m not taking a Dremel to a brand new custom core!!!! One wrong move and I own it!!! Lol. Beautiful guitar though…
  5. If they are selling at dealer prices, I don’t think it really matters
  6. …it would probably be this one. 2016 H137 DC in Candy apple green.
  7. But there is something special and or different about the custom core H150s. I just sold a beautiful 2020 Standard that played awesome, it sounded awesome, but the custom core just played a little better and sounded just a little better. why? What was the secret ingredient in the custom cores to make them that much better? Feel free to discuss… LOL…
  8. Nope. If it already has grovers. Or if it has modern klusons
  9. I put locking grovers on all my Heritages
  10. I’m usually not a fan of 59s either but they sound great in this 137. Maybe because it’s all mahogany???
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