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  1. The thought has crossed my mind. The guy works at a guitar shop in London, so I think he knows how to pack a guitar.
  2. I pulled the trigger a 20th Anniversary H150 today! No. 008 It’s in London, England. Lol Factory stock. These are pics from the seller…will have better pics and a full report once it arrives.
  3. That turned out great Paul! Dave is working on a special Heritage project for me now as well. He does great work!!
  4. Oh. No. I said that wrong. Geezz. I’m sorry
  5. This guitar is making me all fuzzy and warm feeling inside. Seriously, It’s top shelf. Doesn’t hold a candle to my Gibson custom shop.
  6. Believe it or not, these tuners work really good. They are cheap tuners though.
  7. I had made up my mind yesterday that I was going to put traditional buckers in this guitar. So, this morning I fired up the soldering iron and got at it! I had a perfect set of pickups just waiting. A Duncan Antiquity neck and a Duncan Seth bridge. While i was in there, I decided to swap caps...I've had this pair of bumblebees just waiting for the right guitar, and I thought this was the right one!!! It sounds absolutely amazing now!!! BEFORE.... AFTER....
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