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  1. Davesultra and I did a little horse trading and I ended up with this awesome first edition H137!!! Its a 1992. It was all original until I upgraded the bridge and tailpiece to locking TONE PROS. It’s in incredible shape for 26 yrs old!!
  2. I thought he built you a V before he retired
  3. one of the best models Heritage makes...IMO
  4. They had them up on the HIGH RACK!!!! I didnt play them....but the guys at the store said the H150s blew away the $3300 les paul prices are the same as the website
  5. Walked into my local GC the other day to find 5 new Heritages on the wall.....right next to the Gibsons!!!!
  6. I didn’t know that was yours. I saw that down there the last time I was there. Looks great!!!!
  7. I already had a V1.3 Fulltone OCD pedal....but I was searching around Reverb and found this one with a build date on my birthday in 2006!!!! I HAD TO BUY IT!!!!! 57186996282__3A8A6EE2-C453-4A45-916C-040BFF9C231E by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_0126 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_0125 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr IMG_0124 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr
  8. That is definitely not original. Originally it would have had EMG 25k pots and a 9V battery in the main cavity
  9. My brother in law just bought a new Les Paul standard and it’s really nice. Great quality. Probably a fluke. Lol
  10. I paid $1300 new for that....lol
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