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  1. Omg. That color is perfect!! I always keep an inventory of parts too. 500k pots, switches, toggles, TRCs, tuners, knobs, bridges/tailpieces, etc…
  2. Oh wow. I had forgotten about that one. That’s an awesome one off 170!!!
  3. My vote is for the H170 with the sharp horns like the ones in the mid 80s
  4. Well, this sucks!! The seller is backing out on the deal because he’s pissed that he has to show proof of shipping before he gets his Money. Lol. What a jerk.
  5. I might leave it stock, just for historical purposes. A lot depends on how it sets up and plays. I’m not a fan of the Schaller bridge and tailpiece. The black and gold thing is pretty classic. I probably should leave it alone.
  6. LMAO!!! Not that good of a deal Dave! But I got it for well under the $2000 asking price.
  7. Schaller pickups actually have 3 holes per side, so you can do a single screw per side. The 3 hole per side rings are not present though.
  8. I pulled the trigger on a 1988 H147 yesterday. From the sellers pictures, it appears to be in excellent shape!! He claims it has seen very little play time and has no fret wear. I noticed right away that the pickup rings are not factory original, so it has possibly seen a pickup swap or the rings were changed (since the original ones usually ended up cracking). I’m thinking it still has the original Schaller pups. The pup screws look original. No heritage case. Not a big deal. Original Schaller hardware. But the one thing I find intriguing is the tuners. Schaller tuners with the Grover footprint! Kinda rare for that era! There doesn’t appear to be much in the line of checking on the guitar, which is very odd for a heritage this age. It must have spent most of it’s time in a case. The frets look pretty high and basically unplayed. The edges of the inlay work on the headstock still look nice and sharp. This guitar was very well taken care of or just sat under the bed. I plan to convert it over to nickel hardware. If the pickups are the original Schallers, they will be coming out. I’m assuming the neck carve will be a 60s style, probably around .840 at the first fret. If it ends up being bigger, that would be a bonus! I should have it Thursday or Friday so stay tuned!!!!
  9. Congratulations. The H150 DLX was an ongoing number edition, which I think is now discontinued.
  10. It’s more the color. The top is amazing. I think it would look better with a bourbon burst or a dark lemon burst.
  11. The trans black wasn’t doing anything for me at first, but the more I play it and see it, I’m coming around.
  12. I like them. I’ve been playing a lot of hotter wound pickups lately (Duncan JB) so I’m re adjusting. Lol
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