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  1. I bought this at Mid Michigan Music in Midland Michigan, my wife’s hometown. It was around 1997. @Dick Seacup probably knew that shop well. They would have a 50% off sale once a year. I scored that green H157 for $900 out the door. It was brand new. I was just getting back into playing guitar. I could barely play 7 chords. I have tried to get it back but I haven’t seen it anywhere in 20 years or so.
  2. You have to give Heritage an A for effort, when it comes to their attempt to keep up in the superstrat/poiny hard rock guitar market back in the 80s. They made several guitars that went toe-to-toe with the Charvels, ESPs, Jacksons, Kramers, etc.... One of these examples was the VIP 1. A bolt on superstrat, single bridge humbucker, locking tremolo system. With the Ren Wall touch of the VIP phase control system and a coil split. Maple body, mahogany neck, dark- streaky rosewood board. Simplistic, classic and straight forward rock/blues machine. The Kahler Flyer is not my favorite tremolo system...I wish heritage would have used Floyd Rose's instead. But when setup properly, the Kahler flat top systems can be dependable. The pickup is a Seymour Duncan Black Back. From what I understand, these pickups were made for Ed Roman in Las Vegas. This must have been "laying around". Ed Roman, at one point did special order a lot of Heritage guitars, until his relationship with heritage eventually soured. These Heritage bolt-on superstrat style guitars, as a whole, from my experiences with them, are fundamentally good. They couldn't compete with the flashy, high-end ESP, Jackson, Charvel, BC Richs of the time...so they quickly got lost in the shuffle of Heritage's daily routine...their bread-and-butter (H535, H150, jazz boxes, etc) Never-the-less, these are still a part of the history of The Heritage in Kalamazoo! They are never gonna be "the ultimate collectable" but still solid players.
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