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  1. No kidding!!!! Geezzzz. If it weren’t for Bill, Heritage would have never seen the year 2000 But yet they can showcase the pre-Madonna, Farmer.....(insert facepalm)
  2. To be perfectly honest, I had all intentions of converting this over to a Hardtail. But I wanted to give the Kayler a good shot. I got it all strung up and set up and the Kahler performs extremely well. I was very surprised.
  3. Ditched the EMGs....got into the parts drawer for a facelift
  4. A quote from "THE TERMINATOR" This is the Heritage guitar of the same name....a little Heritage History! From 1985...Heritage's effort to get into the "Hair Metal" scene. They made the Terminator and the Exterminator....both guitars designed by Marv Lamb and Jim Derlou. These guitars did not stay in production very long...very few were made. Maybe 15-20 of each? This one is the Terminator... Mahogany body Mahogany neck Rosewood fretboard....this one, looks like Brazilian? 2 humbuckers, master vol, master tone, 3 wa
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